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Attending college or university for the first time offers you the chance to take advantage of unique educational and social opportunities.  The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) expects the numbers of students enrolled in college or university programs to grow to approximately 22.4 million, a 17 percent increase from 2008 through 2019.  As a new college student you can make new friends, explore historic, local and cultural sites and events at accredited in and out-of-state colleges and universities.  Resources and data offered here provide you with an abundance of information that can help make your college or university experience as rewarding as possible.  You can get tips, advice and survival guides on a variety of topics like enrolling in college, registering for work/study and internship programs, knowing when to meet with your college professors, earning and managing money as a college student and identifying careers that best complement your personal and professional goals.

Advice and Tips New Students Can Use in College

Additional and more specific types of advice and guidance you can get here as a new college or university student includes:

  • Advantages associated with distance learning programs
  • Benefits of taking winter courses
  • Making the most of your time as a new student
  • Whether or not using credit cards while in college is right for you
  • Creating and managing a budget to grow your savings
  • Finding innovative ways to reduce the costs of your college textbooks
  • What to look for in laptops, desktop computers, notepads and handheld electronic devices
  • Getting involved in student associations and organizations
  • Landing jobs through college internships
  • Caring for your cell phones and laptops
  • Setting and keeping personal and academic goals
  • Creating lists to increase your productivity
  • Searching for accredited colleges and universities
  • Effective study habits that keep you from feeling like all you do is focus on school
  • Connecting with your academic advisors and career counselors
  • Learning about college rankings
  • Importance of college classroom reading assignments
  • Changing your major
  • How deadlines can help you to stay on track in college
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It could take your parents, older siblings or friends who’ve already started taking college courses days to explain to you the requirements, types of courses and degree requirements associated with college that’s covered here.  College life doesn’t have to leave you feeling as if your schedule is crammed with only attending class and studying.  You can find ways to enjoy yourself and maintain a solid and/or high grade point average (GPA) while you pursue undergraduate and/or graduate degrees.  By taking advantage of materials offered here you can learn about steps you can take to get the most out of your college or university experience.

Articles for the New Student

Are you applying to multiple schools? Check out some tips!

Even if you are interested in attending a particular school and have your heart set on that school, it is a good idea to leave your options open and apply to several different schools. While there is no right answer as to how many colleges to which you should apply, many people believe six or seven is a good target number.

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Are you going to freshman orientation? Click here to find out why you should!

Freshman orientation is an important time for students and their parents. For many students college is the first time they will spend away from home for any length of time, and for the parents it signifies the beginning (or end) of the empty nest period.

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Are you living in a dorm room? We have some tips for you!

When applying to colleges, a factor in where you submit your applications is location.  If the college of your choice is not close enough to the place you live, on-campus housing will be your best living option.  There are many different housing options in college depending on the school, but the most common types of rooms are: singles, doubles, triples, and suites.

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Are your priorities straight in college?

Managing your priorities in college can be a challenge to handle because there will be much temptation that you will face every day. Putting off studying and doing projects will start to become second nature.

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Based on starting salary, what are the top 5 Associate's derees?

It is no secret that an education provides a large boost in earnings for degree holders. The most basic degree is the Associate's degree and obtaining one grants the graduate a significant earnings boost. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the difference between the average salary of a high school graduate and an Associate's degree holder is $7,332.

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Based on starting salary, what are the top 5 Bachelor's degrees?

he typical student considering entering a college or university has hundreds of majors to consider. When faced with the decision of choosing a degree to pursue, there are several aspects that factor into it for the student. Primarily, the student must be interested in their areas of study and the schools they choose to attend. One of the things that can cause interest in a field is the lucrative salary associated with the degree.

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Can you safely manage your credit cards while in college? Find out why this is so important!

The federal Credit Card Act of 2009 prohibits credit card companies from increasing college or university students’ credit card limits without getting approval from the students’ parents.  Colleges and universities are also banned from selling students’ names and contact information to credit card companies.

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Can you use social networking for college and job search?

The popularity of social sites such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and many more have changed the way people conduct searches for college as well as jobs. Before the introduction of social sites, the only way a person could find out information was through personal contact, Internet research and tours of the facilities. Today it is easy to learn information about colleges and employers before making a commitment to work or attend school.

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Change your career today!

Changing careers is a big step and one that you have to make sure is right for you. Whether your are going back to school and entering a new field, or just looking to change majors, make sure you know which field is right for you by taking a motivational assessment.

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College Education May Help Lower Your Chances of Being Unemployed

Enrolling in degree programs at accredited postsecondary schools can help you to do more than gain a balanced education in one or more disciplines or specialty fields (e.g. computer science, chemical engineering, nursing), when you obtain college degrees you may also increase your chances of getting hired and staying employed.

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Did you set up your schedule for four years? Find out why you should!

Unlike high school when you attend college you know all of the classes you will need to take over the next four years at the time of registration. This allows you to select those classes you wish to take during specific semesters.

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Do you find college challenging? Find out why that's positive!

College becomes the time of making tough choices. Study now or hang out with friends? Get a head start on a project that’s due in a week or go to a party? These are all decisions you will have to make for yourself in college and depending on the choices you make, will determine your future college years.

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Do you have a career plan? Find out how to make one!

When you don’t know where you want to end up, sometimes you struggle to appreciate where you are.  Creating a career plan helps you, as a college or university student, to know where you want your education to take you.  It also gives you a roadmap to use to ensure that you remain on the right path to reach your career goals.

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Do you have a savings goal? Find out why you need one!

Create a savings goal while you’re in college or university.  Doing so may help you to cut back on erroneous spending, avoid credit card debt and start to grow your money.  If you create a savings goal now you can also start building your credit and put money aside to pay for your undergraduate and/or graduate college student loans.

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Do you have bad spending habits as a college student?

Never spend more than you have while you’re attending college or university.  By not over spending you may avoid unwanted events and situations such as receiving telephone calls from collection agencies, credit card debt and bank overdraft charges.

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Do you have health insurance in college? Find out why you need it!

There are a lot of things that college students consider buying to prepare for their college experiences. A big fuss is made regarding bed sheets, hampers, and new clothes. One thing that most students do not place enough thought into is health insurance. This is a necessity for all students and should be treated seriously.

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Do you have semester goals?

One of the easiest ways to make it through college is to create some goals for yourself each semester. Don't go all out and make goals that you may not be able to reach but rather create some mini goals that will lead you to the final and ultimate goal: obtaining your degree.

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Do you know how colleges are ranked? Find out here!

Accredited colleges and universities have been ranked by local and national organizations and periodicals like Forbes, the Princeton Review and US News & World Report for several years.  Company recruiters, parents and prospective college students review college and university rankings to increase their chances of hiring students who graduated from top schools or, in the latter case, to make sure that they and their children get a quality education.

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Do you know how to choose your major? Find out how!

There are many tips to remember regarding choosing a major in college, but one of them  is the most important of all. This tip is to remember not to worry too much about the process or the ramifications of your choice. Most students are initially nervous about their potential major and overcoming this anxiety is a key step to finding the right major. Maintaining a clear and level-headed approach to your decision will make it much easier to choose a major. After calming down, there are more steps to take when choosing a major in college.

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Do you know how to search for an accredited school? Find out here!

Searching for an accredited school to attend is not as tough as it may seem.  In fact, college rankings like Forbes’ “America’s Best Colleges” list, The Princeton Review’s “College Rankings” and US News & World Reports’ “College Ranking and Lists” can help to take the guess work out of which colleges and universities offer the programs, undergraduate and graduate degrees and student activities you’re most interested in taking advantage of.

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