Military Veterans Attend College Fairs to Improve Job Readiness

Attending College Fairs as a Military Veteran

You can start attending college fairs as soon as you’re discharged from the military. High schools, libraries, individual colleges and universities and Employment and Training Administration agencies host college fairs. In addition to attending college fairs yourself, if you have minor dependents encourage them to attend college fairs offered by secondary schools they attend. Doing so can help them to identify a college major, find innovative ways to save money on tuition and narrow down the specific colleges and universities they most want to attend.

Although some college fairs might be held outdoors, many are held indoors. Representatives from area accredited colleges and universities attend the fairs. These people are well versed in requirements to get admitted to the schools they represent. In fact, they may have worked as the schools as admissions, academic or counselors for several years.
Should you have questions regarding application fees, the size of the physical campus, whether or not the school offers distance learning courses or the costs of tuition, make sure you ask these school representatives. After all, they attend college fairs to answer questions that you and other attendees have. They want you to approach their booth and learn more about their schools.

Other Benefits Gained When Military Veterans Attend College Fairs

Besides getting pertinent questions answered, as a military veteran, you can receive several other benefits when you attend college fairs. Amongst these benefits, some which can save you time and money, include:

  • Information-packed brochures on each college or university at the college fair
  • Student demographic data
  • Academic schedule the college or university operates on (e.g. semester, quarter)
  • Majors the school is most respected for teaching courses and offering degrees in (e.g. nursing, history)
  • Student activities available at the postsecondary school (e.g. debate club, sororities/fraternities, athletic teams)
  • How long the college or university has existed (e.g. founding date)
  • Regional and national accreditations the school has (For example, if you’re majoring in science, you want to make sure the science program at the college or university you attend is fully accredited.)

While you’re at college fairs, ask school representatives if the colleges they work for also offer career fairs to enrolled students. This way you can increase your chances of connecting with area employers before you graduate with college degrees.

As a tip, bring a pen and pad with you to college fairs as it’s not uncommon for 20 or more colleges to be represented at the fairs. And although you can grab armfuls of brochures, you may need to write down answers to some of your questions, answers that might not be included in the brochures. Also remember to get a business card for each representative you speak with in case you need to contact the representatives with additional questions after you get home.

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