Brush Up On Your Military History via College Courses

Enrolling in Military History College Courses Has Benefits

Brush up on your military history by taking courses at accredited colleges and you can apply for military officer programs. Advanced military history knowledge also prepares you to teach history at community colleges and local and national military associations.

You don’t have to enlist in the service to enroll in military history college courses. Postsecondary schools like Georgia Military College, Arizona State University, Iowa State University, Harvard University and the University of Pennsylvania offer military history and military related courses. Types of courses you can take are:

  • American Revolution History
  • Civil War Studies
  • Intelligence Studies
  • International Relations and Conflict Resolution
  • Military History
  • Military Leadership Studies
  • Military Management and Program Acquisition
  • National Security Studies
  • World War II Studies

Some military history college courses are affiliated with Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) programs. Other courses are designed and administered by postsecondary schools that have no connections to military organizations.

Taking Military History College Courses to Increase Chances of Landing Security Jobs

If you’re thinking about working in government, especially for agencies like Homeland Security, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) or the National Security Agency (NSA), earning passing scores in military history courses may strengthen your career portfolio.

Of course, if you are in the military or are planning to join the armed forces, taking military courses can help you meet officer training requirements. Join the military through the enlisted ranks and you can significantly reduce the time it takes you to pass academic courses while you’re in boot camp. This is key because every major United States military branch (e.g. Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines) requires enlistees to take and pass in-depth military history classes.

Furthermore, the Coast Guard has course material you must complete before you’re accepted into the organization. You have to complete the training even if you’re a civilian volunteering for a local Coast Guard branch a few hours a month.

Using History Training to Work With Professional Military Associations

In addition to saving yourself study time should you join the military or take courses as a prerequisite to teaching military courses at postsecondary levels, you can also use the academic training to strengthen your ties with professional military associations. Through some of these organizations you can start earning an income speaking at high schools and community events.

National and local professional military associations include (prior military service may be required to join some of the associations):

  • Legion of Valor
  • National Guard Association
  • Blind Veterans Association
  • Retired Officers Association
  • Society of American Military Engineers
  • United Services Organization
  • Women Officers Professional Association
  • Veteran of Foreign Wars

Military history college courses, as well as other military related college courses, can provide you with an academic background that will help you get employed by intelligence and homeland security agencies. By enrolling in one or more military courses at accredited colleges and universities you can also get a head start on educational requirements necessary to graduate from boot camp and officer training programs. Of course, you can also take military courses to learn valuable facts and information about the country’s past.

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