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Continuing Your Education at Air Force Development Schools

Although you can enroll in postsecondary courses at Air Force development schools regardless of the military branch you’re enlisted in, many of the programs are geared toward Air Force members who serve at the enlisted and officer ranks. Some of the schools focus on specific job functions, while other schools offer a broad range of training and academic programs.

For example, if you have completed several years of service in the Air Force and are ready to get promoted into top enlisted positions, you can enroll in the Air Force First Sergeant Academy. More junior level programs and courses include the Air Force Intern Program, where as many as 30 junior captains get to study air and space power applications and processes alongside senior Department of Defense (DOD) officials.

The Air Force Intern Program is designed to prepare you for future leadership positions. Other programs that prepare you to take on more leadership roles in the Air Force are the Air and Space Basic Course and the Basic School program administered through the Marine Corps. If you have a passion for history, consider visiting the Air Force Historical Research Agency. While at the agency you can examine official Air Force documents, some documents dating back to World War II. At its official website, the agency notes that its research center, “consists today of over 70,000,000 pages devoted to the history of the service, and represents the world's largest and most valuable organized collection of documents on US military aviation.”

Additional Continuing Education Programs for Air Force Members

Additional types of continuing education programs you can enroll in include the Defense Institute of Security Assistance Management (DISAM), National Defense Intelligence College and the Defense Financial Management and Comptroller School. The Air Force also has training programs that allow you to specialize in fields like human resources, strategic planning and systems and logistics.

One of the Air Force’s institutions of higher learning that offers general as well as military courses is the Community College of the Air Force. The college works with more than 90 Air Force schools and another 82 Education Service Offices. Certificates and degrees you can get include the Professional Manager Certification, the Air Frame and Power Plant Certification, the Aviation Maintenance Technician Certification, an Associate of Applied Science in Allied Health, an Associate of Applied Science in Electronics and Telecommunications and an Associate of Applied Science in Public and Support Services.

Opportunities to advance your education abound in the Air Force. In addition to enrolling in classroom programs at some of the previously mentioned schools, you can also enroll in distance learning and correspondence courses. Think about it. If you serve 20 years in the military and focus on extending your education throughout your military career, you can easily complete graduate degrees by the time you retire.

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