Advance by Combining Military Relationships with College MBA Programs

Connecting Professional Military Relationships and MBA College Programs

The college Master of Business Administration (MBA) is one of the more sought after business degrees, regardless of school. Getting an MBA while you are in the military may prove beneficial for you now and in the future. For starters, getting an MBA may equip you with the knowledge and training to supplement your income by starting your own business. By enrolling in college while you’re in the military and getting an MBA you can also start taking advantage of existing military relationships you have, ones that you can leverage as an entrepreneur who’s also serving on active duty in the military.

To succeed as a business leader you need strong communication skills. Your in-person or oral communication skills might be stronger than your written communication skills, due to the fact that you have an extroverted personality. However, and regardless of your disposition you need to meet new people and nurture professional relationships if you plan on succeeding in the business world.

Several of these relationships start with your military colleagues. Professional relationships you develop with colleagues and senior military leaders can provide you with a solid foundation with which to launch from as you prepare to start your own company. In fact, before you get accepted into top MBA programs you might have to submit reference letters from community leaders and military officials you’ve established rewarding relationships with.

Top colleges and universities like Yale University, Howard University, Drexel University, the College of New Jersey and Stockton College offer Master of Business Administration (MBA) degrees. Curriculum associated with the graduate level college degrees vary by school. However, you can generally expect to take courses such as Marketing, Business Analytics, Capital Budgeting, Credit Management, Evaluating Entrepreneurial Opportunities, Financial Theories, Communication, Organizational Structure and Risk Management.

About Top College MBA Programs

Expect to work with partners and in groups as you complete these advanced college degrees. Also expect to participate in class discussions as MBA programs are robust and involve more than attending lectures and taking notes in class. Some accredited colleges and universities offer online MBA programs that you can enroll in while you’re in the military, making it easy for you to complete your college courses from anywhere in the world. If you enroll at postsecondary schools that have professors who have vast business working experience teaching their MBA courses, you can gain firsthand knowledge about operating companies. You can also learn about unique challenges and rewards connected with running a business.

To get the most out of college MBA programs, make sure you communicate with your classmates and professors, as these people may be able to help you land contracts and grants over the coming years. Also volunteer to lead military initiatives and programs as this will equip you with valuable leadership and project management skills, the same tools that will help you succeed in the business world. Take advantage of these opportunities while you’re still in the military.

After you complete your MBA degrees at accredited colleges and universities you’re going to have to start introducing yourself to prospective clients, potential business partners and customers. Develop relationships with key community leaders and you can position your company as a business-of-choice for area citizens. As you start developing these valuable relationships, connect with people you knew from your military service. They may be able to get you connected with influential leaders in the civilian business world, helping you to move your newly formed company forward at faster rates than you could on your own.
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