About Military Members Attending Colleges and Universities

Military life alone offers you opportunities to travel, work unique jobs, meet new people, grow and expand your horizon.  While you’re in the military you can also enroll in accredited colleges and universities and major and/or minor in subjects that you want to continue to work in while you’re in the military. You can also go to colleges and universities to gain education, training and hands-on experience in new career fields to increase your chances of landing jobs as a civilian after you retire from the military.  Here you will find information regarding the military (if you are thinking about enlisting in the military), academic rewards programs, the Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC), military student loan repayment programs and military scholarships and grants.

Getting the Most Out of Military College Programs

Searching military branch and Veterans Affairs documents for individual programs and opportunities you can take advantage of in college or university is a time consuming process.  You can save yourself time and energy by reading through data and information provided here.  In addition to the aforementioned college topics relevant to military members like you, information you’ll find here covers items such as:

  • Becoming your own drill sergeant while you attend college
  • Military student loan repayment programs
  • Getting a military funded education
  • Learning about military academies
  • Federal and branch associated military financial assistance programs
  • Active duty military education benefits
  • Education benefits for military reservists
  • Scholarships and grants for military dependents
  • Student recruiter programs
  • How to apply for a military student loan
  • Military student loan forgiveness programs
  • Montgomery GI Bill grants
  • Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) programs
  • Consolidating student loans
  • Preparing military dependents for college life
  • How college degrees can help military members transition to civilian life
  • Qualifying for military scholarships, grants and other financial aid programs
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Each military branch provides its members with financial aid and other educational programs.  You can generally get help to attend college or university regardless of where you live as a military member.  Additionally, you can receive educational support whether you serve in the military on active duty or as a reservist.  Reading up on the information provided here can help you to find the best accredited postsecondary schools in areas where you live or are stationed.  You can also learn about your rights as a military college student, distance learning programs you can enroll in so you can complete your undergraduate and/or graduate degrees from anywhere in the world.

Articles for Military Members

About College Credits Based on Your Military Experience

It’s no secret that college tuition has been increasing over the past several years. Military training, on the job experience and military classroom courses you took can be used to earn you college credits and save you money.

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Active Duty Military Education Benefits

Active duty military education benefits offer you rewards that extend beyond a regular paycheck, team spirit and the chance to travel the world.  The education benefits save you hard earned money, many times paying all of your college or university tuition and making it easy for you to continue and/or finish your postsecondary education while you serve your country.

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Advance by Combining Military Relationships with College MBA Programs

The college Master of Business Administration (MBA) is one of the more sought after business degrees, regardless of school. Getting an MBA while you are in the military may prove beneficial for you now and in the future.

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Air Force Development Schools

Although you can enroll in postsecondary courses at Air Force development schools regardless of the military branch you’re enlisted in, many of the programs are geared toward Air Force members who serve at the enlisted and officer ranks.

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Air National Guard Bonus and Incentive Program

The Air National Guard Bonus and Incentive Program attracts qualified civilians into its military units by offering enlistees lump sum cash bonuses and additional incentives.  Depending on the amount of your bonus, you may be able to use the money to pay for three to four years of part-time college tuition.    

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Aligning College Courses with Military Occupations

A key benefit gained from serving in the military is a quality postsecondary education. Because you’re serving the country, you can get your college tuition paid for by the government. To get the most out of your postsecondary education and jobs you complete in the armed forces consider aligning your college courses with military occupations you’re interested in working in.

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Are there money management courses for Military professionals? Find out!

Banks and other financial services organizations deliver money management courses that you can attend as a military professional. These courses may be free and generally last for one to two hours.

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Are you enlisted in the military? Find out why you should enroll in college!

The first year you were in the military, you were busy with basic training, meeting your colleagues, learning the layout of the new military installation you were assigned to and learning how to get acclimated to your commander’s personality and demands.

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Are you enlisting in the military out of high school?

Enlisting in the military right out of high school has certain rewards. To start, you can complete twenty years of military service, becoming eligible to receive a pension from the armed services while you’re still in your forties.

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Army Reserve Bonus and Incentive Overview

As an Army reservist you may qualify to participate in the military’s bonus and incentive program.  Benefits associated with the program make it possible for you to get a valuable postsecondary education from an accredited college or university after you agree to serve in the Army as a reservist for three or more years.

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