What are some types of specialized scholarships?

There are many different types of scholarships besides just the well-known academic and athletic scholarships. In fact there are many scholarships that most people do not even know exist because they do not fit into those categories, so it's important when you are looking for scholarships to defer the cost of your college education to look into all possibilities and look into any areas that might even remotely fit your circumstances. While there are many more scholarships that we could possibly list here, this will give you an idea of where you might fit in and what might be available.

Overview of Specialized Scholarships

The term "specialized scholarship" refers to those scholarships that are designated for specific groups. Those students who fit into that specific niche will be able to obtain scholarships from one or more organizations in order to help them defray the cost of their college educations. Some of specialized scholarships have specific dollar amounts while others are designed to pay the full cost of a student's tuition. You need to conduct research on those scholarships in order to find those that are best suited to your needs.

Specialized Scholarships

There are many different types of specialized scholarships available from many different organizations. Even within a specific niche you are likely to find more than one organization that offers scholarships and grants for that niche. Some of the categories into which these specialized scholarships fall include the following:

  • Hispanic women
  • Minority scholarships (includes women)
  • Accounting
  • Engineering
  • Military
  • African American men and women
  • Financial need
  • Scholarships based on a creative talent
  • Religious scholarships
  • Scholarships for members in a specific organization
  • IT professionals
  • Medical professionals

This list only includes a handful of possibilities. No matter what niche describes you there is probably a scholarship for you. With so many different organizations both for profit and non-profit offering scholarships both general and specialized students can find many different ways to defray the cost of a college education.

Finding and Applying for Specialized Scholarships

Many of the organizations that offer specialized scholarships advertise either through colleges and universities or through high schools. Sometimes people who work at those organizations know what scholarships are available and will notify those they feel might be interested. Once you know an organization offers a scholarship that would be right for you contact that organization directly in order to obtain the information you need to apply. It is rare that these types of scholarships will be included in financial aid packages, although the college may be aware of their existence.

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