What is a military travel loan?

Military travel loans are offered by public and privately owned organizations and businesses.  Whether you’re serving on active duty or are a career retired military professional, you might be able to save hundreds of dollars on your next business or personal trip with a military travel loan.  Your dependents might also be able to save on their travel expenses by applying for and receiving a military travel loan.

Moreover and depending on the military branch you serve in, before you travel overseas you may be required to get written authorization from your commanding officer.  For example, if you’re in the Navy, you can contact your unit commander or human resource manager to get a foreign leave travel authorization form.  After the form is approved, you can start making arrangements to travel abroad.  Of course, if you’re already stationed on international soil, you may not need to request travel authorization.

Before you hit the road or head for the airport, go online or ask your travel agent about lodging, dining and attraction admittance ticket discount prices you qualify to receive as a member of the United States military.  Also consider traveling to events and attractions when they host military appreciation days as you and your dependents might be admitted free to the events or attractions on these days.  For example, some businesses offer free or discount admittance tickets and hotel stays to military members on Veteran’s Day and/or

Independence Day.  Additionally, by joining organizations like Armed Forces Recreation Centers and/or an Armed Forces Vacation Club you can receive discounts on travel expenses.
Furthermore, for years airlines have offered free or discount seats to military members who fly “space available.”  Should extra seats open on an airplane you’re scheduled to travel on, you might be allowed to fly for free or at a reduced rate as you complete your personal travel.

Getting a Military Travel Loan

Banks and other financial institutions offer military travel loans to you and your family members.  Some financial institutions may loan you up to $10,000 to use toward the purchase of airline tickets, train tickets, meals, hotels, motels, car rentals, cruises and vacation tour packages.  Before you accept a military travel loan, read through the fine print and make sure that you’re loan is offered at competitively low rates.  Make sure that you can get your money back should you need to cancel your travel plans.  Also check to ensure that you won’t have to pay hidden fees you were unaware of when you signed your military travel loan contract.

As you’re likely aware, many military service agreements mandate that you serve the country for at least three or four years.  Although the government generally pays your travel expenses as you relocate from one duty station to another, there are times when you and your dependents may desire to travel domestically or overseas to major attractions or to quaint villages and towns.  Applying for a military travel loan may help you to secure the financing to afford to travel for leisure and enjoyment to the places around the world you and your family most want to see and experience.

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