Can you apply for more than one grant?

While it may seem like a great deal of work, it is important to think about applying for all sources of grant money for which you qualify, and as an adult learner you have many options. Most grants have a maximum amount of funding for any given student per year or per semester, and it is unlikely the student will receive enough from any one source to cover the entire cost of his or her education. However, by combining several sources of grant money you can substantially defray the cost of returning to school—maybe even cover the entire cost of your tuition.

Research Possible Grants for Adult Learners

The first thing you may wish to do is research grants in order to locate those that meet your educational needs. While you may wish to begin with government grants, you also need to remember there are many more grants available depending on your circumstances as an adult learner. Do not overlook any potential sources of funding or you may reduce your potential for obtaining full funding for your education.

Assess which Grants Meet Your Needs

The first thing that is necessary when you finish your search is to determine which grants meet your needs. You may want to look at the dollar amounts or the qualifications regarding your course schedule. This step may help you lay the groundwork for a more extensive search since it is likely you need to know whether you can meet the requirements for credit hours before you proceed. If you know you cannot carry full-time credit hours you may, at this point, eliminate any grants that require that kind of attendance.

Analyze and Evaluate Search Information

After you compile the information from your search you should analyze and evaluate it based on your own personal needs. Review grants that fit into any niche you might be a part of such as woman, man, single mother or father, Asian man or woman, Black man or woman, Jewish man or woman and many more. All of these minority groups and many more fit into a niche where grant money is available. Do not stop at just one of them but rather see where you fit into all the niches based on the information you located.

Complete Applications for All Grants for Which You Are Eligible

There is no need to feel you must limit the number of grants for which you apply. If you are eligible for ten, you should apply for ten. The reason you should do this is because the grants only have a specific dollar amount attached to them. While the amount may be based on the total cost of your education (as is the case with the Pell Grant), no one grant is going to provide you with all the funds you need for your education. There is no limit on the number of grants you can use for your education—the limitation is on the total amount of each individual grant. While you can certainly combine grants and scholarships, if your income qualifies you for grants you should begin there before pursuing any other financial aid options.

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