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Financial Aid Overview

Financial aid can make the difference between you being able to attend college and get undergraduate and graduate degrees.  In fact, from 2007 through 2008, approximately 66 percent of undergraduates received financial aid according to the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES).  The average amount of financial aid received by the students was $9,100.  Here you can locate types of financial aid offered to recent high school graduates and adult continuing education students majoring in specific subjects.  If you’re in the military, you can also find information, including the names of military financial aid programs, you may qualify to participate in.  Scholarships, grants, fellowships, employer tuition assistance programs and student loans are some types of financial aid you’ll find here.

A few of the specific types of financial aid programs covered here include:

  • United States Department of Homeland Security Scholarships
  • Horizon Foundation Scholarships
  • Psychology Scholarships
  • Scholarships for Dentists
  • Cultural Scholarships and Grants
  • Scholarships for Military Dependents
  • Subsidized Student Loans
  • Unsubsidized Student Loans
  • Scholarships for Education Majors
  • Scholarships for Science Majors
  • Employer Tuition Assistance Programs
  • Federal PELL Grants
  • Federal Stafford Student Loans
  • Federal Perkins Student Loans
  • Montgomery GI Bill Grants
  • Military Student Loan Forgiveness Programs
  • One Time College Scholarships vs. Recurring College Scholarships
  • Work/Study Programs
  • College Internship Programs (that pay full-time wages to students)
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You Can Receive Money to Pay for College or University Tuition

How to write scholarships essays, papers that are required before you receive some public and privately administered college scholarships, is also covered here.  Keep in mind that colleges and universities that provide grants and scholarships might also require you to complete and submit essays.  Advice on taking steps to locate and apply for college scholarships before their deadlines approach is another area you can learn about as you continue to familiarize yourself with the information contained here. 

Furthermore, you might be eligible to receive scholarships, grants, tuition assistance and low interest student loans from the federal government, local agencies, private organizations and your employer that you might otherwise not be aware of.  As you continue to research and learn about these and other forms of financial aid you can identify ways to help offset the costs of attending accredited colleges and universities.  In fact, if you make it a goal to learn about and apply for new forms of financial aid each year, you might find ways to get the total costs of your postsecondary education paid for in advance of you earning undergraduate and/or graduate college degrees.

Articles About Financial Aid

Are there grants available for single mothers?

There are many different types of specialized grants available in many different niches including mothers are who returning to school. The current economy is playing havoc on the finances of people throughout the world, and as a result many mothers who were content to work part-time or work jobs that allowed them the flexibility to take off when they needed to be home with the children are now finding it necessary to return to school in order to make a substantial contribution to the family income.

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Are there scholarships for adult learners?

As more adults make the decision to return to college, the need for scholarships increases. Many people are under the misconception that only full-time college students right out of high school qualify for scholarship money, but the truth is that there are plenty of scholarships focused on adults returning to school, especially those who may be holding down full-time jobs and are only able to attend college on a part-time basis.

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Are you a new student? Find out what you should know about financial aid here!

The term "financial aid" is a rather broad one that refers to any program that provides money to students or potential students in order to assist with the costs of higher education. While it is common to think of financial aid in terms of only grants and loans, it actually applies to much more.

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Are You Eligible for Financial Aid?

Scholarships have qualifications an applicant has to meet in order to obtain it. It may be an income-based qualification, grade point average, specific ethnic origin or nationality or any number of other qualifying factors.

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Can you apply for FAFSA online?

Things are much easier in the current age of the Internet—students, including adult learners, no longer have to go into the college to apply for student aid. Instead they can apply online using the Free Application for Student Aid (FAFSA).

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Can you apply for more than one grant?

While it may seem like a great deal of work, it is important to think about applying for all sources of grant money for which you qualify, and as an adult learner you have many options.

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Do you know how student loans work?

Obtaining a college education in the 21st century is expensive, but it is also necessary in order to achieve some measure of success in the employment market.

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Do you know how to apply for scholarships?

Once you locate the availability of scholarships your next step is to discover how to apply for those scholarships. Before you possibly waste time with that step you need to take time to choose those scholarships for which you know you qualify.

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Do you know how to write a scholarship essay?

You’ve met the requirements to apply for a local or national college or university scholarship.  Before you submit some scholarship applications you must write a scholarship essay. 

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Do you qualify for a military funded education?

A military funded education can save you long hours of searching and applying for grants, scholarships and student loans.  Of course, a military funded education also saves you hard earned money.

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