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If you did not learn it before college, you definitely need to learn about time management now. While there were certainly constraints on your time in high school, you had the teachers and your parents to remind you when things were due. In addition, you probably had a curfew, so you couldn't stay up all night and party when you were living at home. In college the professors are not going to keep reminding you of projects that are due, and they don't always collect homework but rather discuss it in class so you will be prepared for tests.

Allow Enough Time to Complete Assignments

In college the teachers are not going to remind you to do your homework. In fact, it is common in college for the instructor to provide a syllabus (a summary of the course) in the beginning of the semester. Only if there are changes to the syllabus will the instructor say anything to the students. You are an adult when you get to college and need to learn how to divide your time between school, leisure, and possibly work. You always need to put your assignments first and not underestimate the time you need to do them.

How to Compete with School, Work and Leisure

One of the most difficult things for any student to learn, whether in high school or college, is how to balance school and work and still have time to relax and have fun. The key is time management. If you properly manage your time you will have no problem having time to do all your homework, attend classes regularly, work and go out with your friends. While it is nice to have more spending money, always place your coursework before your job and free time.

Avoid Spreading Yourself Too Thin

One of the biggest killers of time management is too little time to do the things you need. Sometimes students have a tendency to take on too much by misjudging their time and then wonder why they have no free time. For example, they might take a job from 5-9 every night and on weekends thinking they have enough time in between classes to finish their assignments. While this may work some of the time, it doesn't work when you are trying to complete a big project or study for a big exam. Even those who only work a few nights during the week discover they have to spend all weekend working on assignments.

Get Plenty of Rest

Sleep is another thing that tends to be left out of the time management equation. Students spread themselves very thin and then sacrifice sleep to catch up on those things they should have been able to do earlier in the evening. In order to function well you need to get at least 6-8 hours of sleep every night. Use your body's own internal clock to determine how much you need in order to be awake and alert during your daily classes. This is especially important if you have to take a test on a particular day.

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