Why is professional conduct important?

When entering the workforce, it is important to act in a professional manor. The best way to practice for the professional world is to present yourself in a way that people will take you and your ideas seriously. Your beginning years of college are great stepping-stones for the future. The way you present yourself in everyday life will reflect on the way you carry yourself when you start your entry-level job and permanent career.  Proficiency and competence are good to have when entering the workforce. Showing your superiors that you are serious about your job and are willing to go above and beyond for the company will prove your professionalism.

Although you should be demonstrating your professionalism in your everyday life, the best time to really demonstrate how serious you are about your future career is during your internships throughout college. Internships are a perfect place to prove that you are destined for a certain career and that you can fit in well with the company. But what exactly is professional conduct?

Professional conduct translates into a functional work environment. Civility and mutual respect, commitment to organization, job satisfaction, productivity, synergy, minimal absenteeism, minimal turnover, communication. All of these qualities that you present at your workplace will help you build a positive reputation. Making yourself reliable and trustworthy will give your employers a good vibe about you, which can result in earning greater responsibilities with the company.

Being on time to your internships, jobs, careers can be one of the most important factors in professional conduct. Punctuality is key because it shows that you can be where you are needed exactly when you were asked to be there. Along with being on time, be present during the job. Ask any questions you may have and do not be afraid to use your voice. The more you ask meaningful questions the more you will stand out in front of your peers. Do not over-ask silly questions that you can answer yourself just to be heard. Make sure what your asking has to do with the task at hand. Another important part of being professional at your internship or job is going above and beyond expectations. When asked to do complete an assignment, do so in a timely manor as well as giving the task your full attention. Think outside the box, be creative and innovative, but make sure to not step outside your boundaries.

Whether you have a job currently or are still in college and preparing for your first internship, the real world is here or quickly approaching. It is better to prepare yourself for these upcoming years by practicing professionalism in everyday situations. The more you prep yourself for the future the better chance you have of obtaining a job as well as keeping that job and moving forward. Promotions are hard to come by when you begin at entry level. Your level of professionalism will guide you to a straight-forward path to the top of your field. Hard work and patience are key. Always present yourself in a professional manor and you will be successful.
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