Have you thought about creating your own job? Find out why you should!

Creating your own job is one of the best ways that you can determine how much money you will earn over your working career.  Connect your passions with your academic training and business knowledge and the company that you create could become a major employer over the coming years.

Innovation, courage, tenacity, perseverance and passion are key ingredients you can use to start and manage a successful business.  After you get undergraduate or graduate level certifications, diplomas and/or degrees you will have the training to launch a business.  However, you can also create your own job while you’re still going to college or university.  Think about the folks who started Facebook and Yahoo!  Furthermore, if you want, whether you have several more years of college to go or you’re soon to graduate, you can use your focused and rigorous academic training to launch a successful career as an independent contractor or self-employed worker.  

Getting Started as a College or University Job Owner

To land jobs as an independent contractor in your industry, many clients ask that you have a degree from an accredited college or university.  For example, if you want to start working as a Web designer, clients might ask that you have an undergraduate degree in information technology, computer science or Web design.  To land jobs as a learning and development instructor, clients might ask you to have certifications or degrees in education and/or the subjects you plan to teach.

After you complete your postsecondary education, whether you work as an independent contractor or as a business owner, you will benefit from getting a mentor or advisor.  This is someone who is already successfully doing what you are just starting.  You are also encouraged to write a business plan and create a detailed budget and marketing plan.  Banks and other financial institutions will ask for a detailed business plan should you apply to receive funding. 

Local, state and federal laws govern the permits and licenses you need to create your own job or business.  If you plan on hiring other part-time or full-time employees, make sure you familiarize yourself with employment tax and reporting laws in your area. Furthermore, whether you work as a sole proprietor or independent contractor, you must pay local, state and federal taxes.  The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has a tax center for self-employed professionals you can access free of charge and read up on current tax laws impacting business owners and independent contractors.

Resources for College and University Students who Create Their Own Jobs

When it comes to helpful resources you can reference to grow your business, there are state and federal agencies like the Small Business Administration, the Association of Small Business Development Centers, the National Veteran Owned Business Association and local chambers of commerce that are available to you.  Take advantage of these and other resources.  Also consider joining professional organizations in your field (e.g. American Accounting Association, Society for Human Resources Management, Association of Business Process Management Professionals) so you remain abreast of changes impacting your industry and stay aware of conferences, seminars and other networking events you can benefit from attending.  Fortunately, accredited colleges and universities also host networking and continuing education programs that you can participate in to remain academically, legally and socially connected and current in the field you create your own job in.

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