Do you want to raise your GPA? Find out how!

Your GPA can effect everything from your admittance into other degree programs to whether or not you will be hired into your dream job.  Having a high GPA shows employers that the student is both intelligent and dedicated to their studies.  Here are a couple of ways that you can cause your GPA to rise.

Take it one class at a time

Your GPA isn't a magic number, it is calculated based on the grades that you receive from each one of your classes.  Schools assign each letter grade a particular number, and when your grades come out they average those numbers to get your GPA.  Bringing your GPA up, in other words, simply involves doing well in each of your classes.  If your semester is drawing to a close, and you know that your grade is teetering between a “B” and a “C” for a class, be sure to study hard for finals so that you get the “B.”  Even the slightest change can make a big impact on your GPA.

Track your grades throughout the semester

If you don't know where you are, it's hard to know where you're going.  Keep track of all your graded assignments throughout the semester so that your final grade doesn't come as a surprise.  Become familiar with the grading scale for each course and regularly check to see just what your grade is.  By the end of the semester it's too late, so track your progress as you go.

Make good study habits

Late night cram-sessions, finishing papers at the last minute, showing up late to class, and being too tired to pay attention to lectures are not good habits to get into if you hope to see your GPA rise.  Pace yourself in your studies.  Instead of doing everything at the last minute, do work in increments and take breaks in between.  Get a good night's sleep.  Show up to class on time and take good notes.  Even if the professor offers to print out or send you their notes, take notes anyway because it can help you to learn the information faster.

Utilize extra time with professors or tutors

Professors usually have office hours where students can call or come in to ask questions and receive help on assignments.  Many schools also have tutoring centers where students can get help on the subjects that they're struggling with.  Put your pride aside and take advantage of some of these great opportunities for one-on-one learning.

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