Oxymoron or true? The healthy college diet

Want to boost your daily sources of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients without taking supplements? Try adding a few of these super-foods to your snacks and meals for extra antioxidants and great-tasting health bonuses.

Fruits and Veggies

1. Blueberries. Add some fresh blueberries to yogurt, fruit salad, or munch on them solo for antioxidants, vitamins A and C, and heart health while fighting certain cancers and improving your memory function.
2. Oranges. You already knew they were chock-full of vitamin C, but did you know that they’re also shown to reduce your risk of cancer? The vitamin C found in oranges boosts your immune system function and eye health. Throw one in your bookbag and peel away for a mid-day snack.
3. Spinach. This and other green, leafy veggies are vitamin A, C, and K powerhouses. They also pack in folate, calcium, and fiber needed for a healthy GI system and can be prepared in so many different ways you’ll never get tired of them.

Sweet Treats

1. Dark chocolate. The darker the chocolate, the higher the amount of antioxidants it contains. Dark chocolate is great for your blood pressure because it relaxes blood vessels and keeps spikes at bay. And, you know, it’s chocolate!
2. Low-fat yogurt. Plain yogurt is versatile enough to eat daily in a variety of ways – breakfast, lunch, dessert – and full of nutrients you need. The enzymes found in yogurt are amazing for your digestive system, and unmatched at helping your body break down food. The probiotics boost your immune system and have been shown to prevent cancers, as well as many other diseases. Spiked with calcium and B vitamins, this food is a true superpower that you can enjoy daily.

Even More

1. Eggs. Go easy on the yolks (high in cholesterol) and favor the whites, adding about half the amount of yolk for flavor and certain nutrients. You can even sub in Egg Beaters or other store-bought egg substitutes to avoid added fat. Packed with vitamin B12 for energy, vitamin A, and protein, eggs should be in the breakfast of any champion. For a little variety and even a lunch or dinner, try an omelet with some vitamin C-rich peppers and low-fat cheese.
2. Whole-grains. Oatmeal, whole grain pasta or rice, and some cereals and breads have a ton of antioxidants and fiber that are essential for healthy digestive and cardiovascular systems. Skip white bread and pastas that are bleached free of their nutrients and substitute whole grains to maintain taste and improve your health with every meal.
3. Nuts. A handful of almonds, peanuts, or walnuts, with the skins, are a tasty way to snack and get a dose of protein, antioxidants, and omega-3. They’ll help lower your cholesterol and burn fat quicker, and even help build muscle! Nuts and seeds also pack in vitamin E, folate, fiber, phosphorus, and magnesium to hit some of the biggies many people don’t get enough of. Two handfuls a day of an un-salted or lightly-salted nut makes a great snack any time.

Try Ccooking With These Too

- olive or canola oil
- brown rice
- chili pepper
- tomatoes
- beans

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