Why is a degree evaluation important for your career?

As students, we hope the degree program we choose will allow us to get into the job we want later, but if a student fails to verify that a college is accredited that may not happen. Even if a college is accredited, sometimes the degree program for some careers may not be what all employers want from applicants coming right from college. Of course there are other reasons a degree evaluation may be necessary.

Degree Evaluation to Determine Job Qualifications

Many companies look to degree evaluations to assess the competency of potential employees, especially those just out of college or who attended a college with which the company may not be familiar. Many times a company is looking for students to have certain skill sets upon leaving college, and they want to make sure potential employees possess those skills before they hire them.

Another instance under which degree evaluation may be warranted is students who have been out of college for several years but don't have experience in their field of choice. For example, if you obtained a degree in chemistry but have been working in construction, the company may wish to obtain a degree evaluation to determine if your coursework meets with current standards in education for that degree.

Evaluation for Foreign Degree

Students who studied abroad or those who have moved to the United States from a foreign country may be faced with the necessity of a degree evaluation. This helps a hiring company assess how much relevant knowledge you possess in the area of your degree. It is also important for those who studied abroad but now want to obtain an advanced degree in a United States college. The degree evaluation will allow the college to see what you studied and how it compares to their degree requirements for the advanced degree. It will also show them whether you need to take other classes in order to make up any deficiencies that may exist between the foreign degree and what you need at your school of choice.

Understanding Your Degree Evaluation is Essential

Even though you may not need to personally request the degree evaluation, you should at least understand its meaning and how to determine where your strengths and weaknesses lie. The degree evaluation shows many different things including:

• Current number of credits earned toward the degree
• GPA based on current completed classes
• Number of transfer credits
• Number of credits in progress

In addition, students just coming from high school will see things such as whether the requirements for a foreign language and science are met. This shows whether you will need to take these classes in college. If you have already graduated, a potential employer or college can see what you have already studied and what you will still need to complete. In some cases all of your credits may not transfer—this depends on the agreement between your new school and your previous school. This is also something your degree evaluation will show.

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