How Much On Average Does A Medical Assistant Make?

How Much On Average Does A Medical Assistant Make?


A medical assistant is an important figure in the health care setting. Medical assistants (or "MAs") are responsible for the efficient operations of a medical office, often tasked with everything from appointment setting and general clerical work to patient intake and pre-exam/examination assistance to aiding in first aid and diagnostic procedures.


Medical Assistant Salary


Given all the responsibilities and demands of a medical assisting job, you're probably wondering what kind of salary this profession yields.


Weighing the Where


Medical assistant jobs, and therefore salaries, vary with several different factors at play. An MA could work in one of mutiple environments, all of which factor into the base salary. Working in a physician's office, according to a May 2014 Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) report, you may see an average salary of $31,230 per year. In a hospital environment, medical assistants in the general medical or surgical setting reported an average annual income of $32,910, according to that same BLS report. MAs working in personal care services may average an income of $36,030 annually. Then there is the scientific research and development industry, where medical assistants are also in demand. According to the BLS, this is one of the highest-paying sectors for MAs: the same report stated an average annual income of $36,670.


Other Factors Affecting Medical Assistant Salary


Through 2024, medical assisting jobs are expected to continue to grow, with a 10-year increase of 23% in job growth from 2014. This pace is on par with expected job growth in other healthy fields, and salaries are likely to remain consistent.Salaries for medical assistants vary not only from field to field, but also from individual to individual based on multiple considerations. Number of years on the job, other contributing experiences and volunteer or professional work, level of education obtained, and state of employment can all affect the final number on a medical assistant's paycheck. The top-paying states/territories for MAs are the District of Columbia, Alaska, Massachusetts, Washington and Connecticut. MAs may specialize or generalize in their field; as in other medicinal disciplines, certain fields can draw a larger salary. To help you understand more about how to estimate your potential salary as a medical assistant, more information is available here.



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