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Which Psychology Career Is Right For Me?

Majoring in psychology can be a fantastic stepping stone for one of any number of careers. Your undergraduate psychology degree will be the first level of several stages of education and training to launch a sustainable career in the field. More and more, Americans are understanding the importance of prioritizing mental health care, research, services, and support, creating a broader scope of careers that utilize the study of psychology. What will you do with your psychology degree?

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How Much On Average Does A Medical Assistant Make?

A medical assistant is an important figure in the health care setting. Medical assistants (or "MAs") are responsible for the efficient operations of a medical office, often tasked with everything from appointment setting and general clerical work to patient intake and pre-exam/examination assistance to aiding in first aid and diagnostic procedures. Given all the responsibilities and demands of a medical assisting job, you're probably wondering what kind of salary this profession yields.

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Sales Reps Expected to Increase by 18%

Business industry jobs are increasing in both popularity and availability, with even more growth expected to occur over the coming years, according to recent U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports.

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Management Analysis on the Rise, 150,000 New Jobs

On both undergraduate and graduate levels, business school is the most popular choice for col15-lege students. These degrees prepare students for work in the exciting and fast-paced business industry, from financial management positions to administrative careers.

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Agents, Entertainment Business Managers, Performers, Athletes on the Rise

Jobs in the business industry are slowly but steadily on the rise, even with the recent economic recession. The past few years drastically changed how a lot of American citizens spend and their money.

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Administrative Service Manager Positions Expected to Increase by 14.5%

Within the business industry, many professions have been and expect to continue experiencing high rates of job growth over the next several years. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports increased employment rates in a number of different careers, from financial managers to analysts to administrative support professionals, from Wall Street to L.A.

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123,100 New Business Operations Positions Expected

Employment in the business industry is on the rise, in spite of – or, in some cases, because of – the recent economic struggles. Many business degree-holders are relieved to find increased opportunities available in many different sectors, from high-level corporate positions to administrative positions handling the day-to-day aspects of the business world.

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Looking to work as a mental health counselor? Follow the link!

The healthcare industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the United States. An increased focus on preventive care, starting at childhood age levels, has placed additional focus on health education, fitness and self and physician directed examinations.

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Is working as a healthcare social worker right for you? Find out!

Increased national focus on preventing childhood and adult obesity and diseases like diabetes, heart failure and strokes may change the way administrators working in the healthcare industry approach and provide and assess medical care.

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Interested in working as a medical and health services manager? Find out more!

Although many people think of hospitals when considering medical services, hospitals do not provide all of the medical care that Americans receive. Medical institutes, surgery centers, clinics and private physician offices provide a sizable portion of ongoing medical care in the United States.

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