Unemployment is lower for those who have a high school diploma. Find out more!

Overview of Education for Adults

Back in the day, young people started working at younger ages and provided for their families, which may have inhibited them from finishing their educations.  With a bigger weight placed on education these days, it’s even more important for adults to get their high school diplomas; it can mean the difference between the job you have now and the job you could have.  Getting your high school diploma could open up many doors for you, and you will most likely feel as if you accomplished something.  Not finishing high school may be a huge regret, but the great thing is that it doesn’t have to be – you can extinguish that regret at any time.

Reasons for Obtaining Your High School Diploma

There are many reasons why one would get a high school diploma as an adolescent and as an adult.  It’s important to realize how much of a difference a high school diploma can make in terms of your career, especially since working and a career is vital in today’s world.

• Lots Of Competition – In today’s aggressive market, finding employment is very challenging for all.  Not only are people being released from their companies and starting over, but every semester new college students graduate and enter the workforce.  When companies and businesses were receiving 50 responses to a job advertisement, they are now getting double that or more.  With only one position available, these companies are asked to fish through the resumes, and narrow down the pool.  In most cases, the resumes that won’t even be looked at are those without a high school diploma, because uneducated applicants are not prized and a high diploma is required for most open positions.

• Higher Education – Without a high school diploma, furthering your education is next to impossible.  Any applications without a high school diploma or an equivalent will not be accepted by post-secondary institutions, which will in turn make it harder to find a job when other contenders have their high school and university diplomas.

• Career, Security & Salary – Finding an entry-level job, as well as beginning a career that pays well is more accessible to those with a high school diploma than to those without.  Individuals without their high school diplomas are not marketable to employers, so there is less of a chance of securing a job. If someone who has an education comes looking for a job, the one without the education will be the first to be looking for a new work.  Finally, salaries for high school graduates are significantly higher than those without their diplomas, and even more so for university graduates. 

The High School Experience

Looking back at high school, many people have different thoughts about the whole experience.  Some people can say that they loved high school, their teachers, and their friends; others may have less than fond feelings towards their four years in high school and wish to never think about that time again.  Regardless of how you may feel about it, the high school experience prepares students for the real world.  From grammar school all the way to high school, we learn about working in groups through class projects, being on sports teams, playing an instrument or performing on stage.  Social skills are continuously developed throughout one’s years in school, and continue to build throughout life.

What High School Prepares You For
Does high school actually prepare students for their next step in life?  Sadly, the answer (at least in terms of young adults today) is no.  It does help adolescents develop basic skills that can be increased over time, which is more than one could ask for, especially when there are those students who would call their high school classes a “joke.”  High school however does provide students with a lot of help in writing, which is a necessary skill, especially when going for higher education.  High school can also prepare students in terms of social skills, through working in groups, student-teacher interaction, and through extracurricular activities, where leadership skills may be enforced.

Either way, the moral is that your high school diploma, despite your feelings on the whole schooling system, is very important.  Obtaining your diploma helps people in many ways, and going through high school also adds to overall personal growth and person skills.

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