Do you utilize your time to the fullest? Find out how you can!

You’re not the only one who’s going to benefit after you complete your college or university coursework and earn additional academic certifications and degrees.  Your children and spouse will also reap the rewards of your efforts.  These same people can help fulfill household responsibilities while you complete your school work so that you can utilize your time more wisely, an effort that can help you to earn higher grades in college.

It’s easy to feel like you’re going it alone while you commute home from a busy day at work, rush inside the door and start cooking or helping your children with their homework only to have to sit down at the computer and start researching for an upcoming college or university term paper.  Even if you don’t have children and live alone or with a roommate, to excel at a postsecondary school as an adult continuing education student you’re probably going to have to make changes to your schedule and find better ways of utilizing your time.  After all, if you try to do it all by yourself, juggling home, work and school could start to feel overwhelming. 

Tips on Better Ways to Utilize Your Time as an Adult College Student

To make better utilization of your time think about:

  • Create a weekly or monthly schedule.  You can use a wall calendar, day planner or online calendar to design your personal schedule.
  • Include work projects, time for exercise, enjoying healthy meals, fun and relaxation, meditation, time with your family and school work in your schedule.
  • Completing some activities once a week (e.g. ironing clothes, vacuuming, doing laundry) rather than daily
  • Delegating some household projects to your children and spouse.  For example, your children could do laundry and fold and put away clothes.
  • Sitting down and focusing on your college or university assignments at the same time that your children focus on their school work
  • Designing a home office so you can complete school projects with a measure of privacy
  • Studying for upcoming quizzes and examinations with the help of your children.  You might be surprised to discover that your high school aged children are familiar with some of the college material you’re covering.
  • Deciding to say “no” to requests to take on volunteer work or other assignments that require chunks of time you’re not prepared to give

As you incorporate some of the above steps into your daily routine, you might just start to feel more balanced and confident that you can earn advanced college degrees without stressing yourself out or putting your family under duress.  In fact, taking one or more of these steps can help you in other areas of your life as you learn to identify what means the most to you, create priorities and respond to external requests confidently as you measure whether accepting the requests take you toward or away from your educational, personal and social goals.

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