When was the last time you purchased a new laptop? Time to upgrade!

Technology is an area that human creativity and learning is advancing in at rapid rates, faster than it did in previous years.  The changes are happening so fast it’s easy for equipment to become old in as little as four years.  If you’re still using the same desktop computer you had when you graduated from high school, it might be time to update your technology.

Your desktop computer might have sufficient storage space on its hard drive and enough random access memory (RAM) for you to edit college papers and reports, but unless you have a smart phone or other handheld electronic device like a Blackberry or iPad, the only time you’d be able to access those papers and reports would be when you were at home.  Smart Phones, Blackberries and iPads allow you to search the Internet so you can complete research assignments your professors give out during class.  You can also download data from your computer directly onto the devices, making it easy for you to work on school assignments while you’re away from home.

Additional features you get with these and other handheld electronics include:

  • Global Positioning System (GPS) tool that allows you to map out the best route to and from your classes at the accredited college or university you attend
  • Access to newspapers so you can update school papers with the latest reports and facts
  • Telephone – many handheld electronics like Smart phones and Blackberries make it easy for you to use an earpiece so you can talk to your professors or family members while you’re driving
  • Ability to download and upload music, pictures, video and files from and to the Internet
  • Connectivity to download college and university papers and documents from your laptop or desktop computer onto your telephone
  • Ongoing connections to your favorite social networks (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Linkedin) and to the private message forums at the college or university you attend

How Modern Technology Helps Adult College and University Students

Laptops and tablets are designed with removable keyboards, allowing you to type term papers and other college or university assignments in a variety of locations.  You can even complete school work at restaurants, while traveling on an airplane or while you spend time with your children at the park.  All you need is a wireless laptop that’s designed with WiFi access.  These laptops save you the money of paying to access the Internet using hotel service while you’re on vacation or away from home on a business trip. 

Another important benefit that you get when you update your technology relates to software applications.  Older computers have operating systems that are often not compatible with newer software applications.  Some external devices like printers and copiers also won’t work with older technology.  By updating your technology you can connect to the latest electronic devices and use writing, budgeting and other types of software applications that help you complete college and university projects in shorter amounts of time.

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