Should you get a tablet for college? Find out here!

Tablet laptops are built and distributed by some of the leading computer manufacturers in the world.  The touch screen features and the removable and adjustable monitor and keyboard make these small communication tools a good fit for the academic rigors of college and university life.

One of the first benefits you might notice when you shop for a tablet laptop so you can complete and store your college and university projects long term is the sleek size and style of the equipment.  If the tablet is designed with high resolution, it’ll produce images similar to those you’re currently getting on your best desktop computer.  A good resolution on a tablet laptop is 1920 wide x 1028 high.  Of course, the amount of hard drive and random access memory (RAM) you need depends on how much data you plan to store on the tablet.  Documents with images (e.g. video games, movies) take up more memory than do standard typing documents.  If you get a tablet laptop with at least 300 gigabytes of memory you should be fine.

Tablet Laptop Features and Benefits

Additional features you should look for on a tablet laptop include:

  • Online calendar - allowing you to plug in upcoming examinations, appointments and engagements
  • Email – you’ll definitely want this feature so you can keep in contact with your family, friends, classmates and professors
  • Webcam or cameras – this will come in handy should your professors ever ask you to participate in classroom discussions in real time
  • Connectivity – pick a tablet laptop that can be linked to handheld electronic devices like Blackberries, Smartphones and iPads
  • Speed – get a tablet laptop with a fast processor so you can download, upload and save documents quickly
  • Compatibility – tablet laptops that are compatible with the latest software applications make it easy for you to remain technologically current, instead of forcing you to use older software versions

Take Your Tablet Laptop for a Test Drive

Before you purchase a tablet laptop take it for a test drive.  Many department and office stores allow you to test the equipment out right at the store before you make a purchase.  Take advantage of this opportunity.  Also be sure to read the specifications that come with the tablet laptop and ask the store salesperson plenty of questions about the equipment as each tablet is designed with different features and capabilities. 

Popular tablet laptops include:

  • Hewlett Packard Touch Smart
  • M&A Technology Companion Touch
  • Dell Streak Android Tablet
  • Toshiba Tablet
  • Motorola Touch Screen Tablet

Finally, make sure that your tablet laptop meets the computer requirements set by administrators at the accredited college or university you attend.  Since you’ll probably also want to use the tablet laptop for entertainment and to complete work projects, make sure the equipment meets those needs as well.  These smaller, multi-faceted computers, with their adjustable and removable keyboards and monitors are on their way to becoming the newest technological champs.

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