Are you back in school and raising kids?

Whether you’re currently employed or not, managing children with undergraduate or graduate studies is not always as easy as it might look.  Both your children, especially toddlers and infants, and your college or university schedules require large chunks of your time and attention.  By learning how to devote yourself to both, you can ensure that you succeed at home and in the classroom.

Furthermore, just because you have children doesn’t mean that you can’t attend online or offline postsecondary schools and earn the undergraduate and/or graduate degrees that you want.  Many working parents do it every day.  However, before you register for classes at an accredited college or university it might be a good idea to sit down with your children and your spouse or significant other and let them know what your educational goals are.  By keeping these important people in your life aware of what you want to achieve academically, you can gain their support or buy-in, a benefit that will aid you throughout your studies.

For example, you can share with your children and significant other that:

  • Getting a degree positions you to earn promotions at work
  • Is required to gain the type of job you want most (e.g. teacher, attorney)
  • Will benefit your entire family financially
  • Helps you to gain skills that will help your business to advance if you’re an entrepreneur

Tips to Manage Children with Postsecondary Studies

Also consider creating time saving habits that will benefit you and your children.  As with communicating to your children about your intentions to pursue a degree, it’s also rewarding for your family when you discuss time saving habits with them.  Examples of time saving steps you can discuss and implement with your children and other family members are:

  • Pack lunches at night rather than rushing to get lunches together in the morning
  • Complete homework assignments (both you and your children) early in the evening so you can enjoy watching television or doing a favorite family activity later in the evening
  • Lay out clothes that you and your children will wear on the following day at night
  • Give your children chores (e.g. washing dishes, doing laundry)
  • Clean your home on weekends, saving yourself the time of running the vacuum cleaner each evening

Making Balancing Children with Studies Fun

The more you include your children in your educational pursuits, the more they will feel like they are contributing to your success which encourages them to help you to win in and out of the classroom.  To do this you can:

  • Ask your children for ways you can help them to feel valued and important while you go after your college or university degree
  • Do your college and university assignments at the same time your children do their school homework assignments
  • Study for upcoming tests when your children sit down and study for quizzes and tests they have coming up

For younger children, you can ask an older sibling to watch them.  If you pay your older children an allowance for keeping their younger siblings two to three hours a few days a week, you might gain their buy-in and help make looking after their younger siblings fun.  Of course, you can also hire a babysitter.  To make study time fun, think about grabbing your laptop and heading to the park.  Complete your school projects while your children have fun playing at the park.

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