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A PhD is a doctorate in the philosophy of a subject.  A PhD is considered to be the highest degree one can earn in an academic field.  In fact, most colleges and Universities require their professors to have a PhD in order to teach at the school.  Some people can teach at the college and university level without having a PhD but the odds of getting a position without one are definitely stacked against you.  Because of the difficulty required for one to obtain a PhD, they earn the title of "Doctor".

What is Required for a PhD?

Earning a PhD generally requires two things: totally master a specific area of a field and generate more knowledge of that field.  Unlike a Bachelor's degree or a Master's degree, students are not only expected to learn about a subject area but also extend the knowledge of that subject area through research.  To get a PhD, students must learn as much about their field as possible and then try and extend that knowledge.  They extend the knowledge by accumulating research, analyzing it, then presenting and defending their findings in front of a panel of faculty members that presumably already have PhD’s.  The findings are called a dissertation or sometimes referred to as a thesis. 

The reason many colleges and universities require that a faculty member hold a PhD is because they expect faculty members to continue their research while being employed to produce new, cutting edge knowledge in their fields.  With so many professors holding PhDs, there is constant research and new knowledge being published so faculty members are expected to stay up to date with all information in their fields.  This can definitely be a full-time job at times.  This may sound incredibly difficult and that is because it is.

Accessibility of a PhD

You may be wondering how accessible a doctoral degree (PhD) is.  Given the rigorous work required to get a PhD, there is certainly no easy way to acquire one (Nor a moderately difficult way for that matter).  There are, however, online doctoral programs that can ease the stress a little bit making the doctoral degree somewhat easier to get.  There are online Doctoral degrees offered in almost all areas of study whether they are completely online or partially online programs will vary from school to school. 

Outside of strictly PhD degrees there are a number of equivalent degrees that carry with them the same weight.  Some of these programs include but are not limited to:

  • D.B.A. – Doctor of Business Administration
  • D.Hum. – Doctor of Humanities
  • D.P.A. – Doctor of Public Administration
  • Ed.D. – Doctor of Education
  • Eng.D. – Doctor of Engineering
  • Psy.D. – Doctor of Psychology

What is a PhD Worth?

This a great question especially given the cost and time required for earning a PhD. For reference sake, Brighthub.com estimates the cost of a five year PhD program to be roughly $200,000 (this is without financial aid). The payoff is roughly $17,000 a year for someone with a PhD.  This means that, if your salary is $50,000 per year, getting a PhD will raise it to $67,000 per year.  Assuming that you would receive no financial assistance, it would take roughly 12 years to have made more than you have spent on the degree.

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