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Communicating with online postsecondary schools is important because some of these accredited colleges and universities don’t have brick and mortar offices near where you live.  If you follow-up with these schools you’ll ensure that your enrollment application, scholarship essays and class registration forms are received on time.

Sure.  You can reach for your telephone when you want to talk with one or more of your college or university professors.  However, in today’s technological world you can take advantage of a variety of electronic tools and ways to communicate with key administrators at your online postsecondary school.  Some electronic equipment you can use to keep in touch with your professors, career counselors and academic advisors at accredited online schools are:

  • Computer (e.g. desktop, laptop computer, tablet, computer notebook)
  • Handheld electronic device (e.g. Blackberry, iPad)
  • Cell phone or Smartphone
  • Fax machine (Yeah!  People still use fax machines!)

Ways College and University Students Stay in Touch with Professors

These tools make it easy for you to communicate with your professors and college administrators regardless of where you and they are physically.  For example, you can keep in touch with your professors and administrators as you commute to and from work on a train or via an automobile, even if you are flying on an airplane.  Some electronic devices can also be used while you’re traveling via a boat or cruise ship. 

When you send your professors, online administrators, career counselors and academic advisors messages via telephone or email, make sure that you follow-up with them to confirm that they actually received your communication.  When it comes to email, you can simply select “confirmation requested” before you hit the send button.  You can also jot a note on your electronic calendar to send your professors or administrators a follow-up email in a few hours or within one to two days to confirm that they received your original message.

Follow Up on Online School Communications

In the case of the telephone, follow-up with an email asking your professors and administrators to let you know if they got your telephone message.  Of course, you can also call your professors and/or administrators the second time and either leave another voice mail message, a note with their secretary or speak with them should they answer the telephone the second time that you call.  Don’t assume your professors got your message.  After all, a technological glitch or human forgetfulness might have prevented the message from going through. 

Other steps you can take to improve the ways you’re communicating with online schools are:

  • Via Facebook “Friend” accredited colleges and universities you’re interested in attending or are currently attending
  • Follow online schools on Twitter
  • Visit websites of accredited postsecondary schools you want to attend and keep up with their latest achievements, advancements, policies and procedures

Also make sure that you have the email addresses of professors and school administrators you want to communicate with as you pursue your undergraduate or graduate degree.  Consider plugging the email addresses and/or telephone numbers for these educators into your cell phone or Internet contact lists.

After you graduate with your degree it’s a good idea to join your school’s alumni association.  Not only will you keep in touch with graduating classmates, joining and networking with association members will also help you to keep up with changes in industries and career fields you’re interested in, giving your continual opportunities to apply for and gain the most rewarding and top paying jobs that you love.

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