Are online night classes right for you?

Online night classes make it easier for adult students who are continuing their postsecondary educations to complete advanced courses and earn undergraduate and/or graduate degrees.  A good feature about online night classes is that you can take many of the courses whenever you want. 

Depending on the accredited college or university you attend, you might be able to take online night classes using videos and recorded web seminars.  This way you can listen to pre-recorded classroom discussions and lectures after you return home from work.  To access the recordings and other taped educational materials you might have to contact your academic advisor or an admissions counselor at the accredited college or university you’re taking night classes at and ask them to assign you a login.  Generally, you’ll create your own password to access the postsecondary school’s intranet website.  Some colleges and universities have private discussion forums, chat rooms, message boards and shared file directories at their intranet websites. 

Regardless of the electronic tools the accredited postsecondary school you want to attend uses, you’ll likely have to complete and submit an enrollment application before you start taking night classes.  You can also apply for and receive financial aid in the form of scholarships, grants, no or low interest student loans and employer tuition assistance programs to help pay for your tuition, books and fees.

Colleges and Universities Offer Adult Continuing Education Students Support

To make sure you stay on schedule with your coursework, consider setting certain times of the evening to complete your school assignments.  This will help you to avoid procrastination and putting school work off until you’re facing a pile of assignments that you have to rush to complete in a short amount of time. 

Another step you can take to make finishing online night classes more manageable is to read through the first two to three chapters of your textbooks quickly, almost as if you were reading a novel.  This will give you a brief overview and feel for the type of material you’ll be covering in class.  It’ll also help you to become familiar with points and facts that your professors share during class, making it easier for you to absorb and understand the material.

If you major in courses that don’t require you to complete lab work to graduate, you probably won’t have to drive to school at night to finish those special assignments which will save you time and gas money.  Additionally, rather than taking out student loans that you’ll have to repay with interest, ask your employer if they’ll pay for your college or university tuition through the company’s tuition reimbursement program.  Also make sure that you apply for scholarships, grants and fellowships, many which are listed at the United States Department of Education’s website.  Also be sure to check with your academic advisor or school admissions office to see if you can get college credit for work you complete as part of your day job.

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