Find out the benefits of earning an online college education!

The benefits of an online education extend beyond the classroom.  After you earn an undergraduate or graduate degree from an accredited college or university you positively impact your children and spouse.  In fact, other members of your family might be inspired and motivated to continue their adult education after they see you graduate with a degree from a top postsecondary school.

According to Inside Higher Ed’s June 29, 2009 “The Evidence on Online Education” article students who completed part or all of their college or university education online performed better than students who took the same courses on campus.  The fact that online education allows you to set your own schedule and hold yourself accountable for how well you perform on assignments and examinations contributes to the success of online education.  This said, getting an undergraduate or graduate degree online does not fit everyone’s personality.  Being organized, having solid time and project management skills and taking responsibility for one’s success are key traits to have if you want to succeed at an online education.

What’s Need to Take Online College Courses

Tools you need to succeed at online courses include:

  • Reliable computer (e.g. desktop PC, laptop, tablet)
  • Telephone connection (cell or land line)
  • Internet access
  • Software (e.g. Word, Excel, Lotus 1,2,3)

You also might need video and audio built into your computer so you can chat and hold private classroom discussions with your professors and other students taking the same classes you’re taking.  Furthermore, taking college and university courses online offers you a variety of benefits that you can use for years, perhaps throughout the remainder of your lifetime.  For example, when you take online courses, you gain:

  • Improved time management skills
  • Solid project management skills
  • Self-discipline
  • Increased sense of personal responsibility for your successes
  • Greater technological skills
  • Ability to keep up with fast advancing computer and other electronic equipment, tools and software
  • Stronger written communication skills

Online Courses Benefit Adult Continuing Education Students

Of course, some of the greatest benefits and rewards you get when you enroll in and complete online college and university courses is the chance to create your own academic schedule.  Not only can you decide when you’re going to study for tests and exams, you can also schedule when you’re going to sit down and complete classroom assignments, including reading upcoming chapters in textbooks.  You don’t have to work your academic schedule around your professors’ schedule, giving yourself more freedom and empowerment. 

And yes, taking online courses from accredited postsecondary schools keeps you from having to venture outdoors in inclement weather.  As a working parent and adult whose continuing his or her education, these benefits can make the difference between you acing college and university courses and earning your undergraduate and/or graduate degrees from top accredited postsecondary schools in a minimal number of years.

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