Some online classes are only 6 weeks! Find out more!

Short term online classes might be just what you’re looking for, especially if you want to advance your education in order to complement projects or promotions you’re trying to get at work.  You can also take short term courses online to gain valuable training that prepares you to start your own business or to take your current business into new ventures, giving yourself a chance to increase your income.

Technical postsecondary schools and other accredited colleges and universities, both two and four-year institutions, let you take short term online classes.  The classes last about six weeks.  However, you can also take courses that only last for a weekend.  Types of subjects covered during the classes are:

  • How to operate computer software packages
  • Web designing
  • Methods to improve customer satisfaction
  • Understanding income taxes
  • First aid safety
  • Introduction to family child care
  • Welding
  • Weight loss and weight control
  • Job search skills
  • Medical terminology

Recognition for Completing Short Term Online Classes

You’ll receive a certificate for completing the courses.  If you take a significant number of short term courses, you can earn a degree at some accredited postsecondary schools.  As a tip, if you take a course that doesn’t last longer than a weekend, purchase your textbooks used and resell them to the campus bookstore, saving yourself money.  Of course, if you want to keep the books and refer to them later, you can. 

Depending on the school you take your classes through, it might cost you $30 up to several hundred dollars to complete the courses with longer programs generally costing of more than shorter weekend classes.  You probably won’t pay more to take the courses online versus in the classroom unless the postsecondary school you attend requires you to pay a fee to access its online systems (e.g. private chat rooms, discussion forums, school document upload areas).

Benefits and Rewards Associated with Short Term College Classes

Other short courses are diploma and certificate programs.  These college and university programs allow you to focus on specific areas (e.g. accounting, fitness, human resources) that you want to learn about while you attend accredited colleges and universities.  As the numbers of working parents who are going back to postsecondary schools to earn advanced degrees rises, the numbers of colleges and universities offering short term online classes has also increased.  These shorter courses are popular because they are:

  • Time savers
  • Cost less than standard college or university courses
  • Are designed to complement career goals
  • Eliminate the requirement to complete lots of college and university electives

If you want to learn how to complete projects that will position you to earn promotions, increased job responsibilities and/or salary increases at work, taking a short term online class in a specific area you want to improve in at work can help you to achieve this goal.  You might have to register for the courses at least seven days prior to the start of class.  Fortunately, short term online classes are offered year round at many accredited colleges and universities. 

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