Are you taking night classes? We have some tips for you!

Taking night classes is a way to improve your knowledge of projects and assignments you complete at work, a step that can help you to earn promotions and pay raises.  As an adult who’s continuing her or his education, taking night classes can also fill up your schedule in ways that might cause you to feel like you’ve got too much on your plate.  There are ways to overcome this.  With a few tips you can effectively juggle working a full-time job, a family and completing night classes.

To make taking night classes work for you, consider taking one or more of the following tips:

  • Create a study schedule (e.g. studying two nights a week for two hours each evening)
  • Get a tutor (many accredited colleges and universities have tutors they can assign you to help you learn course material quickly)
  • Enroll in online courses
  • Register for courses at an accredited postsecondary school that’s close to where you live
  • Read upcoming chapters in your class textbooks on a weekend day and limit weekday evenings to attending night classes and studying
  • Take night classes with a friend to make completing the courses fun.  You can also study and quiz your friend as you prepare for class examinations, helping you both to learn and retain information that your professors recently covered in class
  • Enroll in night classes that complement your day job so you can position yourself for promotions and pay raises
  • Let your family know when you’ll be attending classes and studying so you limit the numbers of interruptions you have
  • Carpool with a friend to and from night classes, so you don’t have to travel alone
  • Register for classes that one or more of your colleagues at work are taking, developing a friendly competition between you to see who performs their best in class

Night Classes Get Easier for Adult College and University Students

It is not uncommon for accredited postsecondary schools to offer accelerated night classes, allowing you to complete the courses in as little as 8 to 16 weeks.  Take advantage of these courses.  Also ask your school administrators if you can get academic credits for work you complete on your job.  This will help you to graduate sooner, saving you time and money.

To keep your energy, mind and body balanced, make sure that you get plenty of exercise and sleep while you’re taking night classes.  Avoid letting study and school work chew into the time you’d normally spend sleeping.  If you do study late once in a while such as a few days before mid-terms or finals, consider sleeping in one or two hours later than you normally would on weekends.  You can also study at the same time that your children are doing their school homework or studying for tests at the elementary, middle or secondary schools they attend.

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