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The problem many adult students face when it comes to learning is motivation. Unlike younger students who tend to focus on learning simply because it is something others expect of them, adults need some types of motivation to study well and grasp the information they need to learn.

Learning What Motivates You

There is no one formula for motivation that is going to work for everyone. The only method that is proven to work all the time is when people focus on their career goals when they are structuring the learning process. When you begin by focusing your learning on your career goals your study patterns become essential paths to accomplishing those goals. Your motivation at that point is the understanding that being successful in college is the key to successfully reaching your career goals.

How to Get and Stay Motivated

Motivation goes beyond simply choosing a career path and focusing on the best way to reach that goal. You also need to learn how to stay motivated after you discover what actually motivates you and gives you the incentive for a call to action. Once you find your passion it will be much easier to accomplish your goals because you will have the means and purpose necessary to study hard in order to ascertain you can focus your career around those things you love the most. The main thing is not to give in to failure but rather to continue working hard. If you fall down (fail), pick yourself, dust yourself off and start all over again.

The Best Major for Your Career Goals

Since your motivation is based upon your interests and your career goals, you will need to use those goals in order to select a major. While you can certainly begin your college career as an unmatriculated student, this increases your chances of failure since you will not have the motivation necessary to set short-term goals and follow through with them. If you are unsure of your career goals, you may want to delay entering college until you have assessed your interests and set career goals for the future. If you have some ideas but haven't finalized them, taking some courses as an undeclared student will help you get some of the educational requirements out of the way.

Maintaining Interest in the Learning Process

Since it is essential to maintain interest in learning in order to remain motivated, it is essential to do whatever is necessary to make certain you don't lose interest. Losing interest and ultimately motivation to learn can and probably will lead to failure in your selected course of study. One thing you can do is use various sources of information to learn about the topics you are studying. For many people there is an increase in the level of interest when they learn more about the topic. Sometimes the lack of knowledge makes the topic uninteresting for that reason alone. For instance, you may find the subject of computer programming boring because you know nothing about it, but if you begin to learn how one thing relates to another, it may peak your interest.

The reality is that adults need to have more motivation to learn than high school students, so there is a need to learn about topics that will help the adult learner meet his or her career goals—or improve on the ones related to his or her current career. Staying motivated is essential to meeting those goals.

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