Find a Balance with Night Classes

You can avoid this temptation by creating a manageable study schedule and by making it a priority to have fun and relax.  After all, going to college or university as an adult who’s continuing her or his education is meant to improve life, not cause feelings of stress.

Even with accredited online colleges and universities, you might confine your school activities and tasks to the evening.  If you work a full-time job and have a family to care for you’re probably away from home during the day time, then after you get home from work, you likely spend time finding out how your children and spouse’s days went, preparing meals and getting your children and yourself ready for the next day (e.g. preparing lunches, laying clothes out for the morning).  This is enough to fill up anyone’s schedule, but you’re going for the gusto and taking night classes at an accredited college or university because you want to manifest your vision of a better life.  As you achieve your goals, make sure you take care of a very valuable person -- you.

Creating Balance as an Adult Continuing Education Student

To keep from feeling like your life is only comprised of work and school:

  • Go for a walk or stop by the gym for about an hour after you get home from work (You could even stop by the gym or enjoy a walk right after you leave work, before you commute home.)
  • Ask your spouse to watch the children while you complete school assignments or study (After all, you getting advanced degrees can help your entire family financially)
  • Study and complete college and university homework assignments at the same time that your children complete their assignments or while your spouse works on projects for his or her job
  • Consider studying two to three days a week instead of five days week
  • Study for quizzes and tests during your lunch break at work, giving yourself more free time after you get home
  • Create and/or join a study group for the courses you’re taking online or offline and review chapters and key points in textbooks with a team of people, giving  yourself access to a broader range of ideas, knowledge, viewpoints and insights
  • Limit the amount of time that you spend studying or doing school work each day.  This can help your mind to develop a habit of focusing on school work during certain hours of the evening.

Your Life Can Be Rewarding and Relaxing While You Attend Night School

Take an hour to relax before you go to bed at night, allowing your mind and body to wind down so you enjoy a good night of sleep.  Also consider jotting down key points you want to study in your textbook on the following day.  After you write down the notes, let your mind relax from thinking about school projects and assignments.  Let yourself refuel and make school, work and being with your family rewarding and fun.

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