Are you going back to school? Find out how to better manage things!

Thousands of parents and adults who have full-time jobs are finding ways to keep their lives while they continue their postsecondary educations.  You too can find ways to live a balanced life while you pursue an online or offline education at an accredited college or university.  The sooner you do, the less stressed you’ll feel; you might also start earning higher scores on your college examinations, placing you closer to the top of your graduating class.

Keep in mind that self-discipline is a must if you’re going to succeed in your college or university major while you also work and/or take care of your family.  Both will challenge you and push you to excellence, if you let them.  Of course, both can also cause you to feel stressed and strained.  The choice really is yours.  To help you gain control of your schedule, responsibilities and ensure that you’re keeping your life in balance while you continue your education consider:

  • Completing your college or university assignments and projects after your children have gone to bed (you can also complete your school projects as your older children complete their homework)
  • Working on brief school projects while you commute to and from work, if you travel via a train, bus, etc.
  • Reading up on upcoming textbooks chapters or assignments two to three days before your next class
  • Getting a study partner or tutor

Gaining the Support of Your Children and Spouse

Of course, it’s also beneficial to sit down and talk with your children and spouse about your educational pursuits.  Let them know how much getting your undergraduate or graduate degree means to you.  Also consider letting them know how long it will take you to earn your degree, so they have a timeline of when you’ll be able to give them more of your time and attention.  Once you get your family’s buy-in, you can experience more balance at home.

If you work, make sure that you let your supervisors and/or manager know that you are taking college or university courses.  When you take college and university courses that align with your job, your supervisors and managers will likely support your academic goals, maybe even allowing you to leave work early so you can study for mid-terms and finals.  Also check with your company’s human resources department to see if the company will pay for your tuition or reimburse you for college and university courses that you earn passing grades in.

Time Saving Tips That’ll Serve You Well

As you strive to keep your life while continuing your education, consider incorporating time saving tips into your life.  For example, you can:

  • Assign chores for your children to complete around the house.  Doing so will help teach your children how to be responsible.  Chores you could give to your children are washing the dishes, sweeping the kitchen floor, folding laundry, etc.
  • Prepare weekday meals on the weekend.  Place the meals in freezer bags, taking them out of the freezer during the week and heating the meals in the oven or microwave.
  • Keep your documents and personal papers organized, making it easy to retrieve them.
  • Set your and your children’s clothes out at night, eliminating the need to rush and gather clothes in the morning.

Furthermore, if you schedule a certain day and time of the week to complete college and university assignments and to study for upcoming examinations, you’ll send the message to your children and other family members that you’re intent on succeeding at school.  You’ll also send the message to your family members that during each week certain days and times are devoted to school.  Of course, be open to flexibility so you’ll respond gracefully to unexpected events and interruptions to your schedule.  The steps you take to achieve your educational goals will inspire and motivate your children to appreciate and pursue academic excellence as well.

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