Do you know what your scholarship needs are?

In the majority of cases one scholarship does not cover the entire cost of your education. This means you may find it necessary to apply for more than one scholarship in order to meet your financial needs. Even if you have the funds necessary to attend college you may wish to apply for scholarship money in order to add some prestige to your résumé after you graduate. The key is determining which scholarships meet your needs the best and filling out the applications.

Assessing Your Scholarship Needs

The first issue of importance when applying for more than one scholarship is to determine which ones meet your educational needs. By choosing ahead of time you are able to focus on filling out the applications and providing any documentation that must accompany the application. Because you will not waste time submitting applications for scholarships you know don’t meet your needs you may be able to enter college sooner and get started on your studies as an adult learner.  

Choosing the Right Scholarships

Once you assess your educational needs you may want to obtain more information on some of the scholarships you feel you would like to apply for. Before you make a final decision you may want to make a list of things that interest you or skills you have and then compare that list to the available scholarships. The key is to determine your best choices from among the available scholarships. Remember, you are allowed to apply for as many as you feel meets your needs and for which you are eligible.

How Many Applications Should You Submit?

Since some scholarships have limits on the number they accept during the course of an academic year, you may want to file applications with every one you think meets your academic needs and for which you feel qualified. The more options you have open the better your chances are of funding your education through scholarships instead of having to apply for student loans, the latter of which you must pay back after you graduate. And as an adult learner you likely already have some loans such as a car loan and/or mortgage to payoff, so why add another? Because of time constraints you may want to apply for those you feel meet your needs the best first so you won't risk being left out. Once you file your applications for the scholarships that drew your attention the most you may have time to work on some of the others that appeal to you on a lesser level.

Monetary Restrictions
Many scholarships have a specific monetary limitation thus the reason for applying for all the scholarships for which you are eligible. This method may help returning students obtain enough financial assistance to avoid—or at least lessen—the additional burden of student loans. Become informed and know how much each scholarship is likely to provide and act accordingly. Also, remember even if you qualify you may not be awarded money from every scholarship for which you apply since there are usually annual limitations as mentioned above. Choose carefully and do not overlook anything that may be of importance in determining your eligibility for each scholarship.
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