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Some online classes are only 6 weeks! Find out more!

Short term online classes can help you gain valuable training for a promotion, prepare you to start your own business or to take your current business into new ventures.

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Teaching is one of the most popular areas of study. Learn more!

In the current economic crisis more students are looking toward the future and seeking careers they feel will flourish in spite of the economy. There are some fields that will always have a need for new college graduates because the needs are constantly increasing. In addition, those fields are growing so quickly that it is necessary to replace any that retire or enter a new field of study.

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There are 9 principels of adult learning. Find our what they are!

The adult learning process differs from that of other students, and not just in the classroom. Adults are learning both in the workplace and in the classroom, sometimes at the same time. According to Malcolm Knowles, a renowned pioneer on the topic of adult learning, the process is one of self-directed inquiry.

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Thinking about taking classes? Find out why you should!

After top postsecondary schools realized that they were keeping thousands of adults from continuing their educations by only offering day classes, administrators at the colleges and universities created night classes. Over the years, night classes have helped to make it possible for working parents and other adults to complete their undergraduate educations and also earn advanced degrees.

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Unemployment is lower for those who have a high school diploma. Find out more!

Back in the day, young people started working at younger ages and provided for their families, which may have inhibited them from finishing their educations.  With a bigger weight placed on education these days, it’s even more important for adults to get their high school diplomas; it can mean the difference between the job you have now and the job you could have.

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Want to build on your past knowledge? Go back to college.

One of the greatest advantages that adult learners have is a level of “real world” experience that college aged students do not have.  Since one of the more common motivations behind adults who go back to get more education is a motivation to move up in their current organizations.

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What are the benefits of continuing your education?

In today’s society, technology is advancing at a rapid rate and many careers now rely on technology on a daily basis. For the earlier generations that grew up when technology was just starting to really advance, learning how to use a computer was not as important as it is today.

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What are the benefits of finishing your college education? Find out!

Remember a few years ago when stories about grandparents returning to college or university to get a degree for the first time ran in newspapers and aired on television. Verbal commendations for these students’ vision, enthusiasm for learning, focus, motivation and courage were heard and felt in numerous parts of the country. The fact is that it’s never too late to finish college or to continue your education.

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What are the pros and cons of finishing your college degree?

Online college has many benefits, but first you have to make sure you choose the right school for your needs. Having an idea of what you would like to major in can help you choose the right online college.

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What are the requirements for a PhD? Find out here!

A PhD is a doctorate in the philosophy of a subject.  A PhD is considered to be the highest degree one can earn in an academic field.  In fact, most colleges and Universities require their professors to have a PhD in order to teach at the school.

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