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Did you know you can get every other week off from school work? Find out how!

The rewards you gain when you continue your adult education, especially if getting advanced degrees or certifications lead to promotions and salary increases at work, are real benefits that you probably don’t want to forego. After all, who wants to look back over their life years later and realize that with just a little more education or effort they could have reached their dreams, achieved their most heartfelt goals. You can make finishing your degree easier by making a few adjustments to your weekly schedule.

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Do you have a new schedule as a returning college student?

You’re to be commended for taking the step to attend night school at an accredited college or university, especially if you’re taking night classes because you work during the day. It goes without saying that “free time” is probably something you don’t have a lot of. However, there is hope. You can get relief from feeling rushed as you continue your adult education by developing a set schedule.

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Do you know how to find out what your school's accreditations are?

Just because you attend college or university doesn’t mean that you’re receiving a quality education, one that hiring managers and top postsecondary schools respect. To ensure that the credits you earn at school can be transferred to other colleges and universities and to ensure that your degrees gain you quality employment with companies you want to work at, check to make sure that the college or university you attend is accredited.

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Do you know what your scholarship needs are?

In the majority of cases one scholarship does not cover the entire cost of your education. This means you may find it necessary to apply for more than one scholarship in order to meet your financial needs.

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Do you like having the day to yourself? Find out more!

Attending an accredited college or university at night adds responsibilities and deadlines to your personal schedule that can find you working and studying all the time, if you let it. However, this strategy has drawbacks. If you fill your days with only work and school as you pursue your adult continuing education goals you could experience burn out after several weeks or months. You don’t have to do this. Instead you can keep your days free of college or university responsibilities and work on school courses solely at night.

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Do you utilize your time to the fullest? Find out how you can!

You’re not the only one who’s going to benefit after you complete your college or university coursework and earn additional academic certifications and degrees. Your children and spouse will also reap the rewards of your efforts. These same people can help fulfill household responsibilities while you complete your school work so that you can utilize your time more wisely, an effort that can help you to earn higher grades in college.

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Do you want to get your night classes paid for? Find out how!

You’ve taken the step to continue your adult education and go back to college or university to earn an advanced degree. You’re registering for night classes because you hold down a full-time day job. While registering for classes you realize that you could go a lot further in your educational pursuits, take more courses and graduate early, freeing yourself up to enjoy your family more, if you had the money to do so. Fortunately, help is available.

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Do you work full time? Consider night classes!

You’ve just put in a full day at work, completing a series of projects that required long hours of focus and concentration. Now you’re heading for your night classes at a nearby accredited college or university to earn educational certifications and degrees so you can advance your working career, gaining promotions and salary increases.

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Does your job offer tutition refunds? Find out!

Tuition assistance is a nice benefit for many employees today. Its existence is the reason many students wait to begin college: they wait to locate a position that offers them the opportunity to return to school without the added expense or necessity of student loans. Of course, the policy of each company is different, so it will be necessary for you to clarify those policies before you begin school in order to know just what your options may be and whether you will need to obtain additional funding from other sources.

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Don't have your high school diploma? Find out why you should get your GED!

GED stands for General Educational Development, and it is a national test for those who did not receive their high school diplomas.  The test is also for those who have diplomas that are not recognized by New York State. The GED assesses skills and knowledge that one would gain throughout four years in high school, in addition to what is attained from personal experiences and the media.

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