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The numbers of adult learners has increased over the last several decades.  In fact, the Association of American Colleges and Universities reports that 38 percent of students enrolled in continuing education courses were adults aged 25 years and up.  Reasons adults choose to wait to continue their education vary.  Some adults delay enrolling in college after they graduate from high school to care for newborns, focus on work, become financially independent or to take a break from school. 

Whatever the reason you chose to wait a few years after you graduated from high school to continue your education, you’ve now decided to go back to college and complete undergraduate and/or graduate degrees.  Life for you has changed since you graduated from high school as you might be working a full-time job and you might also have a growing family to care for.  Here you will find supportive information to help you, information about returning to college or university, benefits associated with getting advanced college degrees and ways you can pay for your education, including taking advantage of employer tuition assistance programs.

Help is Available for Adult Continuing Education Students

Of the millions of students attending America’s accredited colleges and universities it may be people like you, an adult learner, who seek support as you search for the right school to attend, degree programs that help you reach your career goals and/or student associations you can join to expand your learning and connect with your classmates from different backgrounds and age groups.  Specific topics, advice and tips available here to you as an adult learner who’s committed to your education cover broad and narrowly defined areas.  A few topics you’ll find here to help you succeed at college include:

  • Measuring the benefits of attending online colleges
  • Where to find information regarding a college’s accreditations
  • Employer tuition assistance programs
  • Creating a flexible learning schedule
  • Making the most of your time
  • Reducing your costs as you travel to and from college or university classes
  • Making time to meet with your professors once a month
  • Discussing your academic goals with your family to gain their support
  • How to get the most out of attending night classes
  • Advantages and disadvantages of changing your major
  • Benefits of taking winter courses
  • Creating daily schedules to stay on track with your school assignments
  • Scholarships and grants you may be eligible to receive
  • Paying for college with student loans
  • Going for your master’s degree after leaving college
  • Getting your night classes paid for
  • Distance learning options
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Making the decision to return to college as an adult learner may reward you in several ways.  The additional education that you receive may position you to earn promotions and/or salary increases at work.  You may also gain the educational experience to land jobs you’ve wanted to work at for several years as some employers require more senior level employees to have advanced degrees and credentials like college graduate school certificates and diplomas.  As an adult learner, you can also motivate and encourage your children and other family members and colleagues to continue to advance their education.

Articles for Adult Learners

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