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Your academic needs as a college or university student deserve to be fulfilled.  The education articles provided here can help you to research offerings at accredited postsecondary schools that are designed to meet your individual needs.  For example, if you’re currently in the military, you can find information on financial aid programs and scholarships designed specifically for military personnel.  If you’re a parent, you can also find data on topics such as working with your recent high school graduates to visit and review colleges and universities.  Additionally, guidance on understanding skills and habits required to succeed at college as a continuing education adult or a current student pursuing advanced college degrees comprises the resources section.  The wealth of material offered in the resources can help to shorten the amount of time it could take for you to succeed at the next step in your academic career.

Tools to Help You Succeed at College

Whether this is your first time attending college or you’re an adult who’s been attending college for four or more years, an overview of the information in resources may help you.  Types of topics covered in resources include:

  • Technology and equipment required to enroll in online college programs
  • Writing effective college admissions essays
  • Creating effective study habits
  • Registering for college internships and work/study programs
  • Developing time and project management skills
  • Studying with tutors or college study groups
  • Scheduling regular meetings with your college professors
  • Getting the most out of discussions and meetings you have with academic advisors
  • Benefits of attending online colleges
  • Disadvantages associated with completing distance learning programs
  • Finding scholarships and grants
  • Balancing work and school
  • Gaining the support of your family members as you pursue college degrees
  • Staying motivated and encouraged throughout your college career
  • Letting your employers know about your postsecondary goals
  • Aligning your college degrees with your personal and professional aspirations and goals
  • Types of undergraduate and graduate degrees you can enroll in
  • Advantages of completing clinical assignments
  • Employer thoughts and attitudes about distance learning programs
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Regardless of where you are in your postsecondary education career these resources can benefit you and help you understand how to get the most out of your college experience.  You can also share the information with your colleagues, children who have recently entered their junior or senior year in high school or with your fellow classmates who are attending the same (or a different) college or university that you’re attending.  Knowledge you gain here might even help you to discover a way to shorten the amount of time it takes you to get college degrees.

College Articles by Category

Types of Financial Aid

One of the most important steps to follow when you begin your college education is to secure financial aid. While you could certainly apply for all of the different types of financial aid, the most effective method is to choose those financial aid programs that suit your individual needs or for which you qualify. Potential students can discuss these options with their parents, high school guidance counselors or college financial aid advisors.

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Financial Aid

Financial aid can make the difference between you being able to attend college and get undergraduate and graduate degrees.  In fact, from 2007 through 2008, approximately 66 percent of undergraduates received financial aid according to the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES).

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Current Student

Accredited colleges and universities in the United States continue to expand their undergraduate and graduate degree course offerings.  Increasing numbers of college and university students help to drive the expansion.  Through 2019 the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) expects the numbers of people attending postsecondary schools to increase by as much as 17 percent (up to 22.4 million people).

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Adult Learner

The numbers of adult learners has increased over the last several decades.  In fact, the Association of American Colleges and Universities reports that 38 percent of students enrolled in continuing education courses were adults aged 25 years and up.

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New Student

Attending college or university for the first time offers you the chance to take advantage of unique educational and social opportunities.  The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) expects the numbers of students enrolled in college or university programs to grow to approximately 22.4 million, a 17 percent increase from 2008 through 2019.

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Parent / Guardian

In this section you will find information for those who are either parents or guardians to a college student. Topics such as financial aid and survival guides will coach you through the college experience through a parent/guardian's eyes.

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Military life alone offers you opportunities to travel, work unique jobs, meet new people, grow and expand your horizon.  While you’re in the military you can also enroll in accredited colleges and universities and major and/or minor in subjects that you want to continue to work in while you’re in the military.

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