What is CollegeOrUniversity.com's Top Choice Award?

A CollegeOrUniversity.com Top Choice Award allows us to identify and showcase schools, resources, and tools that are among the best in available.  With research, statistics, and help from many highly regarded people in education, CollegeOrUniversity.com is able to compile lists to distinguish excellence among education form the rest of the "noise" that seems to be out there.  We work hard to give the public trustworthy tools and resources in education, in order to give you the most accurate information available.  The site provides reliable information in order of rank, based on statistics and information from valued people in education.

The Selection Team

CollegeOrUniversity.com has networked and brought together a group of influential leaders in education, who are not only highly educated, but also know many other professionals in the field.  Together, with their help and our research and statistics, we are able to come together to present you our top choice lists.  We want the public to have the best resources available, and with our group of influential education guides, we are able to bring you dependable information that will benefit you as a student.

What Makes Our Lists Different

The Top Choice Award is not just a stamp on a page like many other websites have; we at CollegeOrUniversity.com have worked very hard to give you only the best tools to help you make bright decisions for your future education, and give actual meaning to our award.  We believe that integrity, dependability, and consistency are all part of the mixture that makes CollegeOrUniversity.com the place to go when in need of tools and resources on education.