Military life alone offers you opportunities to travel, work unique jobs, meet new people, grow and expand your horizon.  While you’re in the military you can also enroll in accredited colleges and universities and major and/or minor in subjects that you want to continue to work in while you’re in the military. You can also go to colleges and universities to gain education, training and hands-on experience in new career fields to increase your chances of landing jobs as a civilian after you retire from the military.  Here you will find information regarding the military (if you are thinking about enlisting in the military), academic rewards programs, the Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC), military student loan repayment programs and military scholarships and grants.

Getting the Most Out of Military College Programs

Searching military branch and Veterans Affairs documents for individual programs and opportunities you can take advantage of in college or university is a time consuming process.  You can save yourself time and energy by reading through data and information provided here.  In addition to the aforementioned college topics relevant to military members like you, information you’ll find here covers items such as:

  • Becoming your own drill sergeant while you attend college
  • Military student loan repayment programs
  • Getting a military funded education
  • Learning about military academies
  • Federal and branch associated military financial assistance programs
  • Active duty military education benefits
  • Education benefits for military reservists
  • Scholarships and grants for military dependents
  • Student recruiter programs
  • How to apply for a military student loan
  • Military student loan forgiveness programs
  • Montgomery GI Bill grants
  • Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) programs
  • Consolidating student loans
  • Preparing military dependents for college life
  • How college degrees can help military members transition to civilian life
  • Qualifying for military scholarships, grants and other financial aid programs
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Each military branch provides its members with financial aid and other educational programs.  You can generally get help to attend college or university regardless of where you live as a military member.  Additionally, you can receive educational support whether you serve in the military on active duty or as a reservist.  Reading up on the information provided here can help you to find the best accredited postsecondary schools in areas where you live or are stationed.  You can also learn about your rights as a military college student, distance learning programs you can enroll in so you can complete your undergraduate and/or graduate degrees from anywhere in the world.

Articles for Military Members

Get a College Degree and Start Working as a Military Journalist

Years ago companies wanted journalists to have reporting experience and at least an associate’s level college journalism degree. The advent of the Internet has made it increasingly important to gain additional skills, like search engine optimization, social media marketing and web content creation skills.

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Advance by Combining Military Relationships with College MBA Programs

The college Master of Business Administration (MBA) is one of the more sought after business degrees, regardless of school. Getting an MBA while you are in the military may prove beneficial for you now and in the future.

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Don’t Leave the Military without College Degrees

Military service offers several rewards, including the chance to travel the world, learn new languages, gain complex work skills and build leadership abilities. Serving in the military can also cause you to feel that your employment future is secure, even when it may not be.

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Military Parents Key Players in Child’s Academic Success

Military parents have more influence on their children’s academic success than they might think. Not only can they encourage their children to read during the summer, complete their homework assignments on time and study, they can also join organizations like the National Parent-Teacher Association (PTA).

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The Truth about Getting College Degrees in the Military

Search any newspaper or online job board and you’ll quickly discover that employers often want you to have college degrees in specific fields before they hire you. Gone are the days when employers are satisfied with you having top high school grade point averages and diplomas.

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Military Dependents Winning College Scholarships

There are a variety of tuition assistance opportunities available to your military dependents. Some of these money saving opportunities, like the Survivors and Dependents Educational Assistance program, are offered directly through the military.

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Active Duty Military Education Benefits

Active duty military education benefits offer you rewards that extend beyond a regular paycheck, team spirit and the chance to travel the world.  The education benefits save you hard earned money, many times paying all of your college or university tuition and making it easy for you to continue and/or finish your postsecondary education while you serve your country.

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Military Dependents Transitioning to Different Schools

From the outside it may appear easy, being the child of a military service member. Generally, your housing is paid for, regardless of where you live in the world. Paying for service related airline tickets and hotels is not a concern military dependents and their parents have. But the life of military dependents, particularly school-aged military children, is not always easy.

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Scholarships for Military Science and Engineering Majors
Attend college while in the military. Learn more!

Attending accredited colleges and universities while you’re in the military saves you money because you can participate in government funded programs like the Post 9/11 GI Bill. However, serving in the military can also place time constraints on your daily schedule as you’re required to rise early in the morning and, at times, work late nights.

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Attend College as a Navy Reservist

Graduating college students from the class of 2010 departed school with degrees, tools that can help them land jobs and/or get promoted. Unfortunately, many of the students also left college with student loan debt.

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Preparing Military Dependents for Career Success

Military dependents, spouses and children, receive benefits that dependents of other heads-of-household don’t receive. For example, military dependents can travel the world free of charge, make friends with people from diverse backgrounds and learn foreign languages.

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What are GI Bill Grants?

Montgomery GI Bill grants are one of the older forms of financial aid that the United States government provides for its military members.  There are two areas associated with the federal student financial aid plan, the Montgomery GI Bill Active Duty and the Montgomery GI Bill Selected Reserve.

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What is the Army ROTC program?

Since its inception the Army Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) has prepared high school students and adult civilians to enjoy a career in the military.  You learn how to lead, motivate yourself and others, understand Army and general military history, remain physically fit and familiarize yourself with military terminology and traditions when you join the Army ROTC.

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What is the student loan repayment program?

Student loan repayment programs save you the money you’d have to spend paying back the principal and interest on college loans.  Whether you enlist in the Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps or Coast Guard you may qualify to participate in the program and have the military pay off a portion of your student loan.

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Military Science Minors

Military academies and colleges aren’t the only fully accredited postsecondary schools that offer military science degree programs. Top traditional colleges and universities located throughout the United States also offer military science minors.

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US Army: Senior Psychology Student Program

United States Army Senior Psychology Student Program benefits and criteria are designed to attract civilians and military members who want to become trained Army psychologists into select military units.  Qualified program applicants who major in psychology receive financial aid to help them pay their tuition at accredited colleges and universities.

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College Courses That Prepare You to Manage Organizations after You Retire From the Military

Leadership skills are one of the most recognizable abilities you can gain before you retire from the military. Transfer these skills to the civilian workforce and you could land high paying managerial jobs with for-profit or nonprofit organizations.

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Brush Up On Your Military History via College Courses

Brush up on your military history by taking courses at accredited colleges and you can apply for military officer programs.

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Improving Military Communication Skills

It may come as no surprise that communication styles used by military and civilian leaders differ. The differences are realized as early as boot camp. Five minutes with a drill sergeant and it becomes abundantly clear that military leaders are not afraid to use the volume in their voice to get a point across.

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