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Looking for a Career Change? Take the Right Steps

Many college students have struggled with deciding on the right major.  In some cases, students enter college without a firm idea of what to major in, and hurriedly pick one based on mild appeal or popularity, then when they enter the workforce, realize that it was not right for them. If this has happened to […]

College Checklist: What to Do before Committing to a School

You already knew that college would be difficult,especially if you are working full-time. But did anyone ever tell you how hard it would be to make a decision about which college to attend? Once you’ve chosen which schools you would be interested in attending, you have a big choice to make: which of these schools […]

Preparing for Your College Interview

After all the recommendation letters are gathered, SATs taken, and applications sent, there still may be another step for high school seniors taking on the college application process. Though many schools do not require it, the admissions interview is an option for many hopeful students. Preparing for your college interview is essential, as this meeting […]

Earning College Credit in High School

High school students sure have a lot on their plates as they near the end of that epoch: there are decisions to be made about their futures, college, career paths, re-location, and the many possibilities on the road ahead, and these decisions have a lasting impact. If you’re a high school student who has decided […]

College Timeline: Making the Final Decision

By the middle of spring as high school winds down to a close, you can almost hear the collective sigh of relief from seniors: colleges have sent their acceptance and rejection letters, and the waiting game is over. But the last step, making the final decision about which college to attend, requires a great deal […]

College Timeline: Waiting for and Receiving Decision Letters

Gathering all the components and sending out all your college applications is a daunting process, but the good news is that once that step is completed, most of the leg-work of your pre-college timeline is finished. But the waiting game that comes next brings its own unique challenges and hurdles you may not have anticipated. […]

Considering a Graduate Degree? Answer these questions first

By Jeremy Couch If you are thinking about pursuing your graduate degree, let me be the first to commend you for your desire to attain new knowledge and improve your career options. Deciding to enroll in a graduate program is a major step that should not be entered into lightly. Instead, it should be given […]

Life Growth Leads to Career Success

For those of you who have experienced the unemployment line, and long hours of job searching, it may be a good idea to be aware of what the future has in store for you employment wise.  With baby boomers going into retirement in the next several years, jobs like registered nurses, computer support specialists, and […]

Assembling the Pieces of Your College Application

Putting together your college applications is definitely an exhausting process, but it can also be very exciting. If you’ve made the decision that college is the right next stop for you, getting ready to venture out on your own and gathering the materials for your applications are the first steps into the next stage of […]

Preparing for a Career in Digital Design

By Andrew Hughes Digital design is one of the fastest growing fields for students who want a career that lets them express their creativity and take part in developing the innovative future of e-learning. The problem is that many students go into college uncertain of what they need to do to adequately prepare for a […]