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Looking for a Career Change? Take the Right Steps

Many college students have struggled with deciding on the right major.  In some cases, students enter college without a firm idea of what to major in, and hurriedly pick one based on mild appeal or popularity, then when they enter the workforce, realize that it was not right for them. If this has happened to you, you may be considering switching your major when returning to college. Before taking any leaps into such a big commitment, ask yourself a few questions to be sure you’re embarking on the path that is best for you.

What don’t I like about my current major/career?
Before backing out of your career and jumping into another major, consider what exactly it is that’s making you feel this way. A career assessment can help you determine this. Sometimes, you may find that you’re just in a position that does not suit you. Try to nail down precisely what it is about your current career that you would like to change, so you can avoid a similar situation in the future.

Does it make practical and financial sense?
If you’re in your first year of your career, think about giving it more time Sometimes it just takes time. On the one hand, if you’re overcome with the feeling that you went into the wrong field, then you should start looking into schools. Online schools are usually the method of choice for those returning to college. Think about whether or not you’re financially prepared for another few years of college, or whether you’d be better off starting over in graduate school in a new program (and new financial aid opportunities). Whatever you decide, be sure you examine all your options and weigh the consequences the new course will have on both your timeline and your wallet.

What would I like to switch my major to?
This may be the trickiest of all your questions to answer. If you’ve settled on the fact that your career is not for you, what is for you? Switching to a new major should be approached with careful thought and logic; you don’t want to find yourself in the same position in a few semesters where you realize that this major isn’t for you either. After you’ve identified what you don’t like about your current career, think of what changes you would like to see in your educational course and career path. Consider consulting with a career counselor or taking a career assessment where your skills and passions would be most at home in a profession. Be sure that the major you switch to is not going to come with the same issues as your original major.

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