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Returning to College (a lot different than is used to be)

Going back to school should be a rewarding and exciting time.  We are fortunate to live in a moment where we have more options that fit so many of our needs and learning styles.  However, some may feel overwhelmed at the plethora of options, finding it hard to choose the best university. I’ve been an […]

College Checklist: What to Do before Committing to a School

You already knew that college would be difficult,especially if you are working full-time. But did anyone ever tell you how hard it would be to make a decision about which college to attend? Once you’ve chosen which schools you would be interested in attending, you have a big choice to make: which of these schools […]

Ivy League College Admissions Rates at Record Lows

Ivy League colleges and universities have traditionally been selective when admitting students to their undergraduate degree programs. If recent admissions trends are any indication, other postsecondary schools may be becoming equally as selective, presenting new challenges for high school graduates and adult continuing education students.

Preparing for Your College Interview

After all the recommendation letters are gathered, SATs taken, and applications sent, there still may be another step for high school seniors taking on the college application process. Though many schools do not require it, the admissions interview is an option for many hopeful students. Preparing for your college interview is essential, as this meeting […]

Men Lagging in Education Enrollments

Women are outpacing men at collegiate enrollment levels. At first glance it might not appear alarming. However, considering the fact that top employers often require workers to have some college education, the growing trend of women outdistancing men at post-secondary education enrollment levels gives cause for concern.

Earning College Credit in High School

High school students sure have a lot on their plates as they near the end of that epoch: there are decisions to be made about their futures, college, career paths, re-location, and the many possibilities on the road ahead, and these decisions have a lasting impact. If you’re a high school student who has decided […]

College Admissions and the Online Stalk Factor

Ever wonder just how much college admissions looks at social media accounts when evaluating applicants? This infographic shows some recent data that may shed some light on the subject (might not be as bad as you thought).