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Not Sure What to Major in? Check Out These 5 Unique College Degrees

Are you ready to go to college but have no idea what you want to do with your life? Why go to school for something ordinary like business administration when you can earn a degree in something like puppetry or pop culture icons? Some of the most unique degrees can offer you some of the […]

Returning to College (a lot different than is used to be)

Going back to school should be a rewarding and exciting time.  We are fortunate to live in a moment where we have more options that fit so many of our needs and learning styles.  However, some may feel overwhelmed at the plethora of options, finding it hard to choose the best university. I’ve been an […]

Business Careers are Growing, Which Field is Right for You?

With more students emerging from college with degrees in business than in any other field, the industry is a popular one for new graduates and seasoned veterans in search of employment. Luckily for these business-world hopefuls, jobs in this field are plentiful for qualified, well-trained candidates, with the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projecting a […]

Healthcare Jobs on the Rise, Education is the Key!

Technology, medicine and mass education through television, radio, print and digital programs have helped to extend Americans’ life span. While the extended life expectancy may serve as evidence that the country’s medical systems are moving in the right direction, it also creates the need for more trained healthcare professionals. According to the United States Department […]

Marketing Jobs in New Media

Social Media, SEO and other New Media Jobs are showing serious growth since 2009.  Marketing jobs in social, internet, mobile and other types of digital media marketing are projected to have a healthy outlook for the foreseeable future.  Social usage statistics and salary information for are outlined in this helpful infograhic.