Not Sure What to Major in? Check Out These 5 Unique College Degrees

Are you ready to go to college but have no idea what you want to do with your life? Why go to school for something ordinary like business administration when you can earn a degree in something like puppetry or pop culture icons? Some of the most unique degrees can offer you some of the most interesting courses in college, guaranteed. Check out these 5 (very) unique college degrees.
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Returning to College (a lot different than is used to be)

Capella UniversityGoing back to school should be a rewarding and exciting time.  We are fortunate to live in a moment where we have more options that fit so many of our needs and learning styles.  However, some may feel overwhelmed at the plethora of options, finding it hard to choose the best university. I’ve been an enrollment counselor for years now and thought I would share some helpful tips to assist you in choosing the best school for you!
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Business Careers are Growing, Which Field is Right for You?

With more students emerging from college with degrees in business than in any other field, the industry is a popular one for new graduates and seasoned veterans in search of employment. Luckily for these business-world hopefuls, jobs in this field are plentiful for qualified, well-trained candidates, with the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projecting a 22% increase in job creation through the year 2020. From Wall Street to the Silicon Valley, business industry professionals such as management analysts, business operations specialists, sales representatives, administrative service managers, and agents and business managers are enjoying new job creation and growth as well as fast-decreasing rates of unemployment.

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Looking for a Career Change? Take the Right Steps

Many college students have struggled with deciding on the right major.  In some cases, students enter college without a firm idea of what to major in, and hurriedly pick one based on mild appeal or popularity, then when they enter the workforce, realize that it was not right for them. If this has happened to you, you may be considering switching your major when returning to college. Before taking any leaps into such a big commitment, ask yourself a few questions to be sure you’re embarking on the path that is best for you.
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Healthcare Jobs on the Rise, Education is the Key!

Technology, medicine and mass education through television, radio, print and digital programs have helped to extend Americans’ life span. While the extended life expectancy may serve as evidence that the country’s medical systems are moving in the right direction, it also creates the need for more trained healthcare professionals. According to the United States Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) healthcare is one of the largest growing industries in the private sector. In fact, as of 2009 about 11 percent of private sector workers were employed in the healthcare industry. Organizations that hire these workers include hospitals, clinics, surgery centers, medical laboratories, medical billing agencies, health insurance companies and private physician offices. Rates of pay and job opportunities open to college students who major in healthcare fields vary, some jobs offering more opportunities and annual wages than others.
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College Checklist: What to Do before Committing to a School

You already knew that college would be difficult,especially if you are working full-time. But did anyone ever tell you how hard it would be to make a decision about which college to attend? Once you’ve chosen which schools you would be interested in attending, you have a big choice to make: which of these schools is right for you?

This is a big decision and, not to add any unnecessary anxiety for those about to add college to their full-time work schedule, one that will have a direct impact on your career. Making a hasty decision based on anything but your degree and career goals is dangerous – it’s best to think logically about your options and practically come to determine which college you’ll attend. Be sure to take these four steps before committing to a school.
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Ivy League College Admissions Rates at Record Lows

Ivy League colleges and universities have traditionally been selective when admitting students to their undergraduate degree programs. If recent admissions trends are any indication, other postsecondary schools may be becoming equally as selective, presenting new challenges for high school graduates and adult continuing education students.
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Preparing for Your College Interview

After all the recommendation letters are gathered, SATs taken, and applications sent, there still may be another step for high school seniors taking on the college application process. Though many schools do not require it, the admissions interview is an option for many hopeful students. Preparing for your college interview is essential, as this meeting is an excellent opportunity to build rapport with admissions officers, elaborate on points discussed in your application essay, and let your personality and communication skills give you an extra boost toward “Accepted!”
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Men Lagging in Education Enrollments

Women are outpacing men at collegiate enrollment levels. At first glance it might not appear alarming. However, considering the fact that top employers often require workers to have some college education, the growing trend of women outdistancing men at post-secondary education enrollment levels gives cause for concern.
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Earning College Credit in High School

High school students sure have a lot on their plates as they near the end of that epoch: there are decisions to be made about their futures, college, career paths, re-location, and the many possibilities on the road ahead, and these decisions have a lasting impact. If you’re a high school student who has decided on college as the next step, it may be a relief to know that you don’t have to wait until you’re out of high school to get a jump start on your higher education. There are a few ways you can earn college credit during high school to help ease the transition into college and bring your graduation day a bit closer.
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